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31 REVolutions: Week 5

31 REVolutions: Week 5

Discover Our Simple Swaps For Your Greenest Year Yet...

Day 28: Zero-Waste Beauty



You may have nailed zero-waste grocery shops, but it’s now time to give your makeup bag some attention.  Whilst your lipsticks and mascaras need replacing every six months, the same is not true for their packaging.


Danish makeup label Kjaer Weis is pioneering organic, earth friendly cosmetics; swapping silicone for plant oils and generic plastic cases for stylish metal ones that you can refill.


Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with founder Kirsten for an A-Z on natural makeup built to last your 9-5, featuring model and REV ambassador Arizona Muse.  Meantime, click here to shop the range.

Day 29: The Cora Ball




Every clothes wash releases hundreds of tiny, unseen microfibres. These go down our drains and end up in our oceans and waterways, wrecking havoc on marine life.


The solution…The Cora Ball (it wasn’t us…do we have fans?)  Inspired by the filtering ability of coral, this clever little ball floats around with your clothing inside the machine, gathering all of these particles into visible dust which can then be disposed of in the right way.


Click here to grab one and do your bit towards combating plastic pollution!


Day 30: Sun-Dried Clothes






We’ve spent years idolising the way Italians cook, but we can also learn a lot from the way they dry their washing.


Instead of blasting your clean clothes with heat, lower your carbon footprint and retire your dryer in favour of the fresh air. If you don’t have a Renaissance style balcony, either some pegs on a line or a laundry stand will suffice.


P.S. If you live in the UK, you may want to check the weather-forecast beforehand!


Day 31: All Boxes Ticked





The planet is timeless, and our clothing should be too. REV does its part to ensure this by offering well made pieces that won’t go out of style and won’t burden the earth at the end of their lifespans.


Click here to explore our curation of garments built to last, from eco-activewear and organic cotton basics to transitional tencel dresses and stylish swimwear.

We hope to inspire you to pursue simple and small changes for a greener, cleaner planet. Merci for following our campaign and congrats on making 2019 your greenest year yet!

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