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5 Steps to reduce plastic

In honour of world environment day we're cutting back on plastic

See our five simple steps below

By now we are sure you’re all aware, but we are currently living in a world overrun with plastic! According to Plastic Oceans Foundation, more than 9 million tonnes of it are dumped into our seas every year, which averages out at one garbage truck every minute.  The floating debris is not only unsightly, but it also causes huge harm to our wildlife, such as birds, whales and dolphins.

In honour of world environment day, we have dedicated the first of our ‘five steps’ series to sharing several ways that you can reduce the amount of plastic in your everyday life. Read below to find out how you can easily contribute towards preventing any further damage to our oceans.

1.  Always carry a tote.Whether you fancy a spontaneous shopping trip or just need to pick up some groceries; we’ve all been in that situation where we get caught out and need to buy a carrier bag.  A single plastic carrier bag can take thousands of years to decompose, which is why it’s so important to remember to carry a reusable tote like this foldable cotton one whenever you’re on the go and encourage others to do the same.

2.  Refuse straws. One of the simplest eco habits you can integrate into your lifestyle is ditching plastic straws. These unnecessary editions to your Friday night cocktails account for 3% of recovered ocean trash and we go through millions each day. If the thought of a straw-free beverage doesn’t appeal, there are plenty of environmentally friendly alternatives on the market, made from reusable materials such as bamboo.  You can even buy collapsible metal ones. Also hint – you need to ask for people to not include a straw in your drink when you order it otherwise it will likely always come with one!

  1. 3. Choose products with refillable packaging.  Once you break through to the final layer of your bronzer or eyeshadow, the most obvious answer is to buy a new one. However, the more sustainable option would be to use products with refillable packaging.  We are lucky enough stock natural beauty brand Kjaer Weis, whose cosmetics, as well as being cruelty free and organic, are designed to be re-filled again and again. This saves you from constantly re-buying products and accumulating a collection of unwanted containers.  Shop Kjaer Weis products here 
Kjaer Weis zero waste make-up
  1. 4.  Shop at ‘zero waste’ stores or your local farmer’s market. Even though we’re all aware of how much harm plastic inflicts on the environment, it can be difficult to cut down, especially when it comes to grocery shopping, thanks to excess packaging used by supermarkets.  However, it is worth noting that there are a number of ‘zero waste’ stores worldwide where you can purchase your weekly essentials minus the plastic.  If you live in London, check out HetuBulk Market and Harmless. You can also do a quick google to find farmer’s markets in your area and turn it into a weekend treat with a loved one.
  1. 5. Use alternatives and eliminate where possible. Get into the habit of thinking about the plastic products you would use on a day-to-day basis and see if they can be substituted for more conscious alternatives.  For instance, consider swapping your plastic water bottles for glass or metal ones, and choose quality, long-lasting clothing made from recycled or low impact materials like cotton and linen or silk instead of plastic derived polyester. Every piece in our limited edition Adornment collection is produced from overstocked fabrics, and each piece is designed to last you a lifetime.  Also, consider limiting purchases of unnecessary yet damaging products like cotton buds, or even eliminate them from your shopping list entirely. 
Adornment upcycled luxury dresses