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A Classic Wardrobe With Misha Nonoo

A REV Interview With Designer Misha Nonoo

New York is her city and timeless style is her mantra.

Sharing our passion for ‘made to order’ and ‘made to last’, the eponymous designer talks everything from the foundations of her wardrobe to her favourite sustainable spots, and how to dress for the city in a way that is just as fashionable as it is functional.  Read on to get inspired!

 Where and when did the Misha Nonoo brand begin?


I launched the brand in New York City and debuted my first runway collection on Instagram in 2011. Since then, we’ve progressed and grown into the business we are today.


Tell us about the ‘Create Your 8’ concept.

It started with my ‘Easy 8’ collection – eight pieces that can be combined to form 22 different looks that carry a woman from day to play. I then started offering customizable ‘kits’ from the collection, with the ‘Create Your 8’ being the largest. With this kit, you have the opportunity to build your own Easy 8 wardrobe that best matches your figure and lifestyle. It’s a way for women to take the stress and guess-work out of getting dressed in the morning because she’ll have a versatile, chic wardrobe for any occasion.

Name the three items in your closet you couldn’t live without?


My white Husband Shirt, Saturday skirt, and black Jimmy Choo pumps.


 You talk a lot about the appeal of ‘borrowing from the boys.’ Do you think the future of fashion is genderless?


  I definitely believe women will continue to draw inspiration from traditionally “masculine” style as our society progresses. We’ve all recently seen the movement of having less-rigid ideas of how a woman should look and dress – the same goes for men.

As the first designer to use social media as a debut for fashion shows, how do you deal with the speed of sites like Instagram in juxtaposition to the slow nature of your fashion?


It’s a careful balance of creating meaningful and engaging content that align with our collections. We may not be dropping a large volume of product at a high frequency, but the platform allows for customer engagement far beyond advertising product. The Insta-Show was great because it allowed our customers to see the collection on a medium they already use everyday and be able to purchase what they loved without a season-long lead time.

Your New York hot spots for sustainable living in the city?


I think we need to be mindful of sustainability wherever we go. Small things like bringing a reusable water bottle or taking the subway instead of a taxi absolutely make a difference. When it comes to dining, Dr. Smood is a great place for food that’s healthy for the environment and your body. Also, I very much believe a sustainable lifestyle begins with mental health. I meditate every day—MNDFL in Greenwich Village is a great place for a guided meditation session.


Finally, what does sustainability mean to you?


Sustainability, to me, means offering a range of products that prioritize a low environmental impact. This is done by creating them with the purpose of being worn for many seasons as opposed to “one-off” occasions. While other brands might use the term to describe a fabric recycling program or other circular aspect of their business, we address the problem at the outset by eliminating waste from the very start of a garment’s life cycle.

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