Haus drinks are flavoured naturally with fruits, herbs and botanicals.


“At Haus, we believe that it’s possible to build a large, nationally-distributed alcohol brand with strong values—better products, made ethically and transparently, farm-to-bottle.”



The sustainable and delicious alternative to conventionally made liquor.

Finding a delicious drink that is made sustainably with all-natural ingredients can be a real struggle. Most alcoholic aperitifs are full of sugar, fake flavourings, and are not thinking about the health of our planet (or us) in their process. Haus make alcohol you can feel good about buying, drinking, and sharing with friends (when we can). Creating cocktails in the evening has been a serious highlight of my day. Making a drink with flavors like Bitter Clove and Spiced Cherry is so much more exciting than just mixing the usual gin and tonic.




Flavoured with fruits, herbs and botanicals.

Haus truly makes me miss dinner parties, because they are drinks that you’d want to share with a group of friends alongside some lovely conversation. The different flavours are all designed to be had as an aperitif, which if you don’t know what that is, Haus explains it perfectly – “Apéritifs are liquors with complex flavors that typically come from fruits, herbs, roots and botanicals. They’ve been a big part of European drinking culture for centuries, and they’re becoming more popular in America now too. They’re low-ABV, so their lower alcohol content makes them perfect for sipping throughout the evening on the rocks or with simple mixers like soda or tonic.”

Haus don’t just simply make a drink, they make a way to drink, that isn’t about ‘getting drunk’ but enjoying a flavour rather than just a feeling. I’ve always hated feeling drunk or even tipsy, which is why I now gravitate towards making a drink with Haus.





This is alcohol you can feel good about buying, drinking, and sharing with friends – when we can!



How I’ve been drinking Rose Rośe.

Even without the group of friends, Haus has made being at home a bit more exciting. While you can have any of Haus’s flavours straight, with a bit of ice, I love making different cocktails that won’t give me a hangover thanks to the lower ABV.

Lately I’ve been loving the Rose Rosé flavor, because it gives me a taste of summer while London is still so cold. Think raspberries, wild rose, strawberries, and juicy cherries – incredibly refreshing. I love to choose my drink depending on what I’m having for dinner and the Rose Rośe flavor along with the Citrus Flower are amazing veggie dishes and anything spicy. Bitter clove is my favorite to have with some organic meat.


2 Parts Haus Rose Rosé

1 Part Grapefruit Juice

Plash of Tequila 

A Squeeze of Fresh Lime





Haus’ ingredients are natural & responsibly sourced for a drink you can feel good about.



Sustainability considered always.

Not only are the Haus bottles aesthetically beautiful and the flavours absolutely delicious, the brand is also incredibly sustainably minded. Their packaging materials are sourced responsibly with care for forest conversation. Production is now powered by 100% clean, renewable energy from The Geysers, a local geothermal power source.

Part of what makes their drinks so delicious, is their responsibly sourced ingredients, which come from farmers and purveyors they have a personal relationship with. The raw fruits, herbs, and botanicals they use to create Haus are always composted leaving very low waste.




Find your favourite

Citrus Flower – Made with crisp lemon and subtle elderflower. 

Bitter Clove – This herbaceous aperitif will keep you feeling warm all year long.

Spiced Cherry – rich and fruit-forward with just the right amount of spice.

Rose Rosé – a taste of summer, anytime, with notes of raspberry, rose, and juicy cherries.





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