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Cora’s Guide To A Sustainable Wedding

Cora's Guide To A Sustainable Wedding

From paperless invites to homegrown bouquets, REV co-founder Cora walks us through her green big day...

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Tell us a little about how you introduced sustainability into the wedding planning?


I always knew my wedding would be sustainable just by way of what I do and how we now live our lives, but it actually ended up being more fun than I anticipated making sure everything was considered. It also meant I worked with my family and friends to put on the wedding much more than seeking outside help from strangers and kept everything so beautifully personal. For instance, I wanted live plants and flowers to make up the aisle that I walked down so our bridal party was putting together pots and setting up the day of our wedding and I could hear them all playing around by the ocean and drinking coffee whilst I got my make-up done. We worked with everyone local to us in Maine so even the community seemed engaged on the big day – local people are normally quite sustainable in their practices anyway so it was all rather easy!

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Where did you source your ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ from?


Something new was my dress, which I got from the sustainable brand Reformation and then re-made a bit with a local seamstress. Something borrowed were my earrings that I wore from my godmother.  Something blue was a bit of blue thistle that was in my bridal bouquet. Something old was my engagement ring which I kept on throughout the ceremony – it’s a vintage ring from the 1920’s.

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"Something borrowed were my earrings that I wore from my godmother."

Tell us a little about your bridesmaids dress collection.


I really wanted to make sure my bridesmaids had dresses that were not only sustainable, but pieces they could wear again in another context. I was lucky to be able to be in contact with the ladies at Mara Hoffman who helped me source the most beautiful dresses from their summer collection that I had the girls pick from. The flowers in the prints merged with the the one solid colour we went for so it looked a little unexpected but gorgeous – perfect for an outdoor summer wedding. The dresses were made from tencels and linens so they should really stand the test of time.

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"The dresses were made from tencels and linens so they should really stand the test of time."

What are hands down the easiest way to make your wedding sustainable?


Keep it local and keep it intimate. We sourced all the food from within my small part of downeast Maine and made sure everything we chose to serve was in season – we also went and met with the farmers from the farmer’s market about a month in advance to ask them to plant enough to feed 100 of all the vegetables we were working on with the caterer. My mother actually owns a garden shop so her girls did all the flowers and we also chose only blooms that were local to us and growing down the road – some even came from the gardens at our very own house. For wedding favours, we dried some of these flowers and placed them on the plates for guests to take away. A perfect zero waste option!

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What are your tips for the informed, the novice, or the budgeting conscious wedding planner?


The easiest swaps I think to do are to use organic make-up, borrow jewellery from family members and swap paper invites for digital ones that are just as gorgeous.

What was tricky? What tips do you have for someone who wants to be conscious, while still enjoying the pleasure of meat, for instance, at their wedding?


We had meat at our wedding as my husband isn’t always vegetarian and we also really wanted to serve lobster as it’s the local specialty. To make sure we did this in the best way possible we went to an organic local farmer for the chicken and then the lobsterman that works in the next town over so our food didn’t travel long distances and came with the best possible welfare. Our cake was all organic but not vegan, and we did import wine but made sure that was organic too. We are by no means perfect but we tried our best to do what we could whilst still making sure we had our favourite day so just prioritise what’s important to you!

"We are by no means perfect but we tried our best to do what we could whilst still making sure we had our favourite day!"

How do you instil sustainability into your relationship today?


We don’t even really think about it actively anymore, it just is part of who we are as a couple. We consider it in the things we buy for our home, the clothing we wear, the food we eat and how we travel.

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For more on weddings that are just as beautiful as they are conscious, head over to SMUK London on March 10th, where REV will be discussing how to conduct the perfect sustainable wedding.  If you have a big day pending, whether it’s yours or a friend’s, you’ll also have the chance to browse our Wedding Collection in person. Click here for more information. Meantime, find some pieces to get you started…

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