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AILA Cosmetics

The AILA Cosmetics journey began back in 2013 when Nashville based podiatric surgeon, Dr Cary Gannon hit what she called ‘an awakening’. After going through an extremely stressful time in her life recovering from a rare cancer scare, finalising her divorce, managing her medical practise, caring for two children, one with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), she was still trying to juggle motherhood and life itself.


She close to breaking point and picked up the phone to call a friend to say, “I’m not OK.” That was the beginning of her transformation. She also chose to inspire other women who are chronic “over-functioners,” or what we’ve come to know as over-achieving women who think of themselves last.

Dr Cary began making healthy changes in her life. She adapted her diet to focus on what was going into her body, and began noticing more what she was putting onto it, too. She discovered the hidden truth behind the ingredients that went into skincare and makeup, and decided to take matters into her own hands. And so AILA Cosmetics was born. The company provides cosmetics that don’t contain many of the harmful chemicals that most polishes do and have been made vegan-friendly, gluten-free and of course are not tested on animals.


“AILA symbolizes transformation. Not just my transformation, but change for all women who are caught in a cycle.  No longer do women have to sacrifice health for beauty and function.  We want our products to be free of as many harmful chemicals as possible, while maintaining beauty and function.”



Dr Cary Gannon- Founder of Aila Cosmetics 

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The brand name, which means strength in Gaelic, is after Dr Cary’s daughter, who suffers from SPD. This neurological condition prohibits the brains ability to translate senses into appropriate behavioural responses. It only felt right that when the brand launched they also created a charitable initiative, ‘AILA Gives’, which sees a percentage of proceeds of the the shade ‘Five Senses’ go towards the SPD Foundation.


AILA promotes health and healing, as well as functional beauty. So go ahead…immerse yourself and uncover the crazy stories behind each shade name.