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5 ways to have a date night in isolation

Ren London, our favourite line for dressing up for date nights in

Date nights at home with @taylorblair1

5 ways to have a date night in isolation
5 ways to have a date night in isolation

Organic wine is a must for our date nights!

1. Actually Get Ready

Use this evening as an excuse to wear something a bit more special. That doesn’t have to be uncomfortable though, but for a change get out of your loungewear! I love an equally beautiful and comfortable dress as it is not something that I’m wearing much at the moment. I also take this time to put on a bit of natural makeup, not for my partner, but to make myself feel special! A simple red lip and a bit of blush and bronzer by Kjaer Weis is my go-to look for date night.



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2. Make Your Table Special

As we are spending so much time at home, I think it is key to change your space up to keep things exciting. For a special dinner, it is key to make your table special too. Throw on a beautiful table runner, like the White Roha Table Runner, or a tablecloth, like the Primrose Print tablecloth. I love a natural flower arrangement as a table centerpiece and recently have been using my daily outing to collect local flowers and tree trimmings to fill my Feldspar vase. Look out for blossom trees as they bring so much life into the home. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, pick a warm evening, and eat outside! To bring a romantic element to your evening it is essential to light some non-toxic candles.



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3. Drink Something Fun

Open something fun and bubbly that you can enjoy while you cook and dine. Something like, Blaufränkisch ‘DOPE’, 2018 by Claus Preisinger, which is an amazing juicy rose with a natural fizz. And if you don’t drink make a delicious mocktail, here is my favourite recipe:


Virgin Mojito 

5 oz lime juice 

5 oz agave 

5 oz orange juice (with the pulp) 

Fresh mint leaves 

Desired amount of Soda Water

4. Cook Together

My husband and I mostly take turns cooking each other dinner but it is so fun to cook together. Brainstorm a sustainable menu together and start early enough that you can properly enjoy the process without rushing. It is essential to have bits to snack on while you cook, so throw some olives or nuts into something like the Wooden Nibble Bowl by QÄSA QÄSA. I usually turn to Anna Jones’s blog for a plant-based and healthy recipe that is delicious. Her ‘First Warm Days’ post is filled with beautiful recipes that use ingredients that are in season at the moment.



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5. Talk Positively

It makes sense that we are all talking about the state of the world and the anxiety and stress it brings. However, I think it’s important to try and have positive and inspiring conversations that uplift us. Sometimes we even listen to podcasts while we cook and then discuss them at dinner.

The REV podcast is full of inspirational people and uplifting yet realistic conversations about the world. Some of my favourite episodes that my husband has really enjoyed too are with Skye Gyngell of Spring Restaurant and Dom Bridges of Haeckels.

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