Reve en vert natural organic body oils for summer



Reve en vert natural organic body oils for summer
Reve en vert natural organic body oils for summer


Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil by Costa Brazil

This oil by Costa Brazil is truly one of a kind. Formulated with rare Amazonian ingredients, the Kaya Body Oil contains Cupuaçu, which helps to replenish the skin with essential fatty acids and further strengthen the skin’s lipid barrier. Essential to help the skin repair itself after too much sun. The murumuru in this oil contains vitamin A and vitamin C, which together help to brighten any dark spots or pigmentation. This would be my top recommendation for more mature skin types, who need a little assistance brightening dark spots and firming the skin.

Shimmering Never Spring Body Oil by Björk & Berries

As the temperatures have warmed up and we are showing more skin, I love to add a bit of extra glow to my legs and arms. The shimmering body oil from Björk & Berries not only contains the most beautiful natural shimmer minerals but is ultra-hydrating.  Formulated with vitamin E oil and borage seed oil along with birch leaf extract, which is famous for its detoxifying, toning, balancing, soothing, and hydrating effects on the skin. The ingredients are beneficial for both body and face, so feel free to add a touch of this shimmer to the high points of your face for a natural highlight.



Beauty, Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil, £95

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Idan Oil by LIHA

If you like your beauty products to be multipurpose, then this oil is for you! Liha’s Idan Oil is made with natural cold-pressed coconut oil into which a Tuberose flower has been immersed to create a beautiful natural aroma. This oil is incredibly moisturising and can be applied to your body or face and even works as a leave in conditioner! However if you are a little oily and prone to breakouts I recommend avoiding the face area and just focusing on the body, hair, hands and feet.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine by Living Libations

This oil is famous for a reason. While sunscreen is incredibly important to protect our skin, there are many oils that can give natural sun protection. The ingredients of Everybody Loves Sunshine create a beautiful tropical scent that can be used on the body or the face. For my fellow oily skin types, I would suggest keeping this oil just on the body. This product contains 5 botanical oils, including Red Raspberry Oil, which has a natural sun protection of SPF25. I love using this oil when I am out on early summer walks before the sun is too strong.



Beauty, Organic Idan Oil, £39

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Firming Passionfruit Body Oil by Voyanics

Passionfruit does wonders for the body both when consumed and applied topically. Passionfruit oil contains vitamin A and vitamin C, fatty acids, phosphorus acid, and more. Together they work to protect the skin from environmental damage to help keep the skin young and firm. One of my favorite aspects of passionfruit oil is how light it is. It soaks into the skin instantly without leaving that sticky residue. Plus, if you are prone to body acne, passionfruit oil is perfect for you because it is non-clogging. Explore Voyanics here.


Natural Body Oil by F. Miller Skincare

Skincare that’s as beautiful as it is effective, this luxurious blend of moisture-replenishing botanicals by F. Miller Skincare is designed to soften, smooth, tone, and instantly hydrate your skin to leave a lasting luminous glow. This natural body oil packed with ultra nourishing natural oils including argan, moringa, grapefruit, and bergamot which also create the most beautiful fresh scent, perfect for summer days, or nights.



Organic Body Oil by Etto Oil

Founded on the idea of making your skincare routine a time for self, Etto Oil was created to nourish your skin with botanical ingredients while enjoying the aroma of sweet citrus and subtle spices mixed with oils from around the world. Just like all our body oils, it is consciously made with the purest organic ingredients to leave your skin soft and hydrated!

Body Glow Bronzing Oil by Shelby Naturals

For a “back-from-the-beach” golden glow, this natural body oil by Shelby Naturals is packed with ultra hydrating plant oils including Moroccan Argan, neroli, sweet orange, and bergamot. The unique formula is infused with natural mineral mica particles and 24 carat gold to enhance your complexion in the most natural way possible – one of our favourites for summer evenings!



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