Reve en vert christmas gifts to help relaxation and reduce stress

@wunderworkshop CBD oil

Reve en vert christmas gifts to help relaxation and reduce stress
Reve en vert christmas gifts to help relaxation and reduce stress

@basiumfragrances natural perfume oils

Natural Incense

Lighting incense can be a wonderful ritual that can go along with yoga, meditation, or your evening routine. Bodha’s smokeless incense spread therapeutic scents, without filling your room up with smoke. They have a great selection of different scents to evoke different feelings. For your loved ones, who need a little help calming a busy mind, the Ground incense is perfect. The earthy scent is a combination of hinoki, cedarwood, and frankincense, which together create a truly grounding feeling when inhaled. Pair a box of incense with one of our beautiful incense holders for a wonderful gift!



Candles and Scents, White Ceramic Dish & Gold Holder Set, £38

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Candles and Scents, Smokeless Ritual Incense in Ground, £36

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For a lot of us, sleep can be difficult – falling asleep and staying asleep. With so much on all our minds, calming our thoughts can be hard before bed. How many of your friends and family are complaining about not sleeping well? More importantly are you sleeping well? Stress and anxiety can deeply affect our sleep. However, we require a good night’s rest for our body to function properly. At the REV office, we all swear by the Wunder Workshop Turmeric CBD Oil. CBD is known for its powerful anti-stress and anti-anxiety abilities. It is also an incredible pain reliever, making it perfect for those stress headaches. A wonderful gift for anyone in your life who really needs a good night’s sleep…including you!

Fitness & Wellness, Turmeric CBD Oil, £78

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Fitness & Wellness, Golden Turmeric Honey, £8

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Therapeutic Perfume Oil

Scent is one of the quickest ways to affect your emotional state. A deep inhale paired with an uplifting scent can change one’s mood instantly. Basium’s Flora Perfume Oil was created specifically for this. A euphoric and uplifting scent that alters your emotional state in a positive way. The oil is a gorgeous blend of clean and light citrus and flowers. Petitgrain and jasmine’s refreshing floral notes harmonise with grapefruits main component limonene, which stimulates and creates a sense of clarity. Our Beauty Editor Taylor swears by this oil for a pick me up during a long day. Not only does it linger on the skin, making it a beautiful perfume for others to smell but it really does provide a mood boost!



Beauty, Flora Natural Perfume Oil, £49

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Beauty, Beau Perfume Oil, £49

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Natural Yoga Mats

For us at REV, yoga has never been a more important part of our daily routines, helping us to start the day feeling less stressed and allowing us to wind down mindfully at the end of the day – so we think a beautiful new natural yoga mat makes the perfect gift for anyone who is a keen yogi or is just starting out! We love the Complete Unity Yoga mats because they are made from biodegradable materials and provide incredible grip, enabling a beautiful flow.


Fitness & Wellness, Complete Gripe Cream Eco Yoga Mat, £82

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Fitness & Wellness, Complete Gripe Green Eco Yoga Mat, £82

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Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Meditation is a wonderful and therapeutic practice that can help us manage our stress levels. It can be difficult and even uncomfortable for many people to get into a meditative state. The Bodha Aromatherapy Eye Pillows are a great tool for those looking for ways to reduce stress. These weighted pillows contain lavender and chamomile flowers, which release such a relaxing and calming scent, helping the mind to switch off. This is also a great gift for the yogis in your life, as the eye pillow is great to use at the end of each practice.



Christmas Gifts, Aromatherapy Eye Pillow in Emerald Linen, £39

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Fitness & Wellness, Aromatherapy Eye Pillow in Blush Linen, £39

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Self Care Beauty

We are big advocates for self care beauty rituals here at REV. Taking time to treat your skin also does wonders for the mind. Gifting the opportunity of self care is a beautiful and considered gift. One of our favourite labels for self care skincare and rituals is Wild Source Apothecary whose Gua Shas have made wonderful gifts for many of our loved ones over recent years! Their Night Nectar face oil is a favourite of Creative Editor Grace’s Mother as she loves the relaxing lavender scent combined with the incredible properties of prickly pear seed to treat the skin.



Beauty, Night Nectar Face Oil, £48

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