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Carolina de Barros’ Gaia Necklace

“I believe that more than ever, breaking up with fast fashion and focusing on supporting small, ethical brands is the way forward.”

Conscious Fashion for Summer Holidays

I am so incredibly excited to travel again, and am hoping to be able to visit some of the eco hotels I have had on my list for a couple of years now – mainly Finca Can Marti in Ibiza! Two of our newest lines have the beach essentials I will be investing in – Cloe Cassandro does the most beautiful ethical resort wear and Factor Bermuda has upcycled ocean plastic bathing suits that provide nice coverage in the place of having to put on chemical-laden sunscreen.



One Piece, The Plunge Silhouette Swimsuit in Palm Green, £220

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A Fresh Scent

As we move into Spring I am always excited to freshen up my scents a bit more to something floral and lighter than the muskier fragrances I like in the winter. For me, St. Rose hits just the right chord everytime when it comes to the perfect sustainable scents. The founder Belinda, who I was so happy to have join me on the REV Podcast, moves between Austaralia and the States, drawing inspiration from classic fragrances like rose and sandalwood. The two below are my favourite for the warmer months!



Bridal, Juliet In White Eau De Parfum, £140

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Scents, Gypsy Cowboy Eau De Parfum, £140

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Elegant Jewellery To Be Worn Everyday

I have relied a lot on accessorizing for a bit of glamour to an otherwise very simple wardrobe, and these items have both been handmade in England with recycled materials! I’m in love with our new line Carolina de Barros! I am also a huge fan of Pippa Small Jewellery, which gives jobs to artisans in war torn countries and helps empower people living in some of the worst conflict zones on Earth. Her beautiful items reflect the resilience of the people who make them.



Accessories, Reclaimed Gold Corda Necklace, £120

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Ethical Leather Accessories to Last a Lifetime

For personal reasons, I haven’t been a huge fan of vegan leather though I am a staunch vegetarian!



Accessories, Leather Tote Bag in Natural, £375

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Accessories, Leather Scrunchie in Black, £48

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“I have been extremely curious about the use of biodynamic farming to help regenerate our soils and restore ecosystems so am thrilled to be offering biodynamic beauty now!”

Beyond Organic Beauty - Biodynamic Skincare

This line has been my go to since I first learned of them – I have been extremely curious about the use of biodynamic farming to help regenerate our soils and restore ecosystems and Maison Made is the first line I have found doing this! Their cleansing and facial oils truly smell like a lavender garden in France, and my skin has been lit from within ever since I started using them!



Beauty, Biodynamic® Rejuvenating Face Oil, £120

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Beauty, Biodynamic® Restorative Cleansing Oil, £49

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Sustainable Home - Organic Hemp Sheets

I am completely obsessed with our new bedding line Casa Parini, which is the world’s first sustainable luxury hemp bedding. The line is fully organic, fully plant based and fees so soft you would not believe it is made from hemp. I have never felt so good about sleeping!



Bedroom, Hemp Pillows in White Bianco Puro (Set of 2), £82

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Bedroom, Hemp Duvet Cover in White Bianco Puro, £249

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