Reve en vert natural organic mens skincare bodycare natural shampoos for men natural skincare for men



Reve en vert natural organic mens skincare bodycare natural shampoos for men natural skincare for men
Reve en vert natural organic mens skincare bodycare natural shampoos for men natural skincare for men


Skin Cleansers

Ideally, everyone should cleanse their skin twice a day – morning and night. Nightly, to remove dirt and impurities that build on the skin throughout the day, and in the morning to freshen the skin after sleeping. There is so much choice when it comes to cleansers , it can be difficult to choose what is right for your skin type!

Oil cleansers are ideal for normal to dry skin types. Please don’t be scared off by the word ‘oil’ – the oils in our cleansers are specially selected to work in harmony with the skin, not against it. The F. Miller Natural Cleansing Oil and Chia Seed Cleansing Oil by Voyanics are some of our bestsellers for men!

If your skin is less dry and you can suffer from blemishes, you could opt for a ‘deeper cleaning’ cleanser. The Cedar Essential Oil & Vegetable Coal by Cosmydor or Enzyme Refining Cleansing Balm by Maryse are great options.



Moisturisers & Serums

Follow cleansing with some sort of hydrator – this could be an oil, serum or a moisturiser. Serums are more gel like in texture and may be preferred for oiler skin types. Moisturisers are creams and can work wonders for dry to very dry skin types.

Clockface’s Organic Facial Serum is packed with an all-natural blend of antioxidants and vitamins, to deliver proven nourishment for all types of skin, leaving it feeling fresh, hydrated and healthy. 

If you prefer an oil, Oio Lab’s Calming Adaptogenic Facial Treatment is also ideal for all skin types, but especially those irritated, red and sensitive.

If you suffer from very dry skin, we’d recommend Intensive Omega Treatment Oil by Maryse. This ultra-nourishing treatment is overflowing with essential fatty acids for intensive hydration.



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Body Care

Whether you prefer a shower gel or soap bar, we’ve got your sorted. Our curation of natural products for the body has been selected to ensure that your skin will be treated to organic ingredients, plant based formulas, and as always, cruelty free production!

One of our all time favourite lines for men’s care is Haeckels. Born in Margate England, and inspired by the incredible antioxidant properties of seaweed, this line has everything you’ll need from face wash to shampoos and toilet odour drops (a great quirky gift!).

If you like, add in a body exfoliator to your shower essentials and use a few times a week to buff and smooth the skin of rough patches. We love this one by Haeckels as it is vegan and totally natural.



Hair Care

Just like for skin and body care, we always recommend choosing a natural alternative to conventional shampoos and conditioners (these are packed with synthetic fragrances and synthetic ingredients) which can be very irritating for the scalp.

If you suffer from flaky or dry scalp, we’d recommend the 100% natural shampoo by Haeckels.  This botanically rich formula offers exceptional cleansing without disturbing your hair’s natural tonal balance to cleanse effectively, but gently.

For a slightly deeper clean, opt for La Eva’s Spice Shampoo. We especially love the spicy aroma of this one which is designed to energise the senses – great for the morning!

Norfolk born beauty line Sop also have some wonderful options for natural hair care, also without plastic packaging. Perfect for everyday use and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family!



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