Reve en vert non toxic sustainable eco cleaning essentials

Conscious home cleaning by @kinfill.homecare

Reve en vert non toxic sustainable eco cleaning essentials
Reve en vert non toxic sustainable eco cleaning essentials

We share our recommendations of sustainable cleaning tools.

Plastic-Free Washing Up

One of the first places we recommend looking to if you’re on a mission to cut back on plastic is your sink. Conventional cleaning tools like sponges and washing up brushes are made of 100% synthetic, plastic materials that when discarded will pollute landfills and oceans for thousands of years. There are lots of plastic-free, biodegradable alternatives that clean just as well so you can completely rid plastic from your sink area!


Compostable sponges

Biodegradable coconut fibre scrubs

Wooden dish brush

Biodegradable coconut fibre scourers 

Compostable washing up loofah 




Reve en vert non toxic sustainable eco cleaning essentials

Refill & Refill Again

We are huge advocates of refilling here at the REV office. Most of our team live in London and so we are lucky to have amazing refill stores close by that offer non-toxic, eco alternatives to all kinds of beauty and household products from shampoo to washing up liquid and fabric conditioner. Here are some of our favourites:


Fin and Earth – Dalston

Bulk Market – Hackney

Gather – Peckham

BYO – Tooting

Zéro – Wimbledon

Find your nearest Ecover refill point here.

Amber bottles for refilling.

More amber bottles!





Reve en vert non toxic sustainable eco cleaning essentials

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Refilling is a great option, but only if you have easy access to a refill store! We also believe it is important to ensure that the product itself you are refilling is non-toxic and as natural as possible, to protect both our health and the health of the planet. Chemicals found in conventional cleaning products can irritate or cause sensitive skin problems like eczema and even respiratory problems like asthma (Source: Tincture London). Here our some of our favourite eco home cleaning labels:


Tincture London natural home cleaning

Kinfill natural home cleaning

Blueland non-toxic, refillable home cleaning

Ecover non-toxic, refillable home cleaning

Supernatural naturally cleansing botanicals and elixirs




Reve en vert non toxic sustainable eco cleaning essentials

Our Eco Friendly Homecare Favourites

The Complete Collection in Neroli Leaf
Kitchen Trio in Mandarin Basile
Room Deodorant in Steeped Rose
Kitchen Trio in Cipres Mint
Reed Diffuser in Blue Rain
Multi Surface Cleaner Kit
Yoga Mat Cleaner Kit

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