Reve en vert sustainable natural organic hair care

Sustainable wooden hair brushes by @glasshousesalon

Reve en vert natural organic sustainable hair care
Reve en vert natural organic sustainable hair care

Natural organic hair wash by @lifelaeva

Why Switch to Clean Hair Care?

Soft, shiny, bouncy hair is what we are all after – right? But what is the cost of achieving that? Conventional hair care products are filled with ingredients, that are harmful to us and the planet. A very common ingredient in these conventional products is synthetic fragrances. Most labels simply just say the term, ‘fragrance’, but behind that ingredient is a ton of hidden chemicals used to mimic more expensive natural scents. 

Since we absorb everything we put on our skin, these chemicals have been found in breast milk and have led to harmful disruptions in the human body. Dimethicone, which is a type of silicone is another common ingredient to avoid. It is actually a type of plastic, which can create a shiny effect on the hair. But really, it creates a buildup of product on the scalp, clogging your pores, and stopping natural moisture and nutrients from entering the pores. Horrible right? 

I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the next scary ingredient, sulfates. They are chemical detergents, meaning they are really strong cleansers. However, they are far too strong to be used on our skin or hair. They strip the natural oils and moisture we naturally produce, which can actually lead to dry and brittle hair. If you find you have an itchy scalp or even eczema or psoriasis, it may be caused by sulfates. They are so commonly used because they are inexpensive and create that soapy lather that makes us think we are getting a deep clean.  There is a massive list of nasty chemicals that companies fill their haircare with. They do so to create a product that is cheap to make and made to last. 

It’s time to ditch the plastic, chemically filled haircare products and switch to organic, plant-based, and zero-waste shower products.

La Eva: Gentle & Organic Hair Care

Another local and natural haircare brand that we are proud to stock is La Eva. Like Haeckels, they never use parabens, chemicals, synthetics, and only use raw organic ingredients. A godsend if you struggle with a dry or irritated scalp, their gentle formulas will never aggravate a sensitive scalp.

Their organic Spice shampoo and conditioner have the most incredible natural scent of warming ginger, amber, cinnamon, and patchouli. They also come in glass bottles, meaning you can have a totally plastic-free shower. 



Beauty, Organic Spice Shampoo, £22

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Beauty, Organic Spice Conditioner, £22

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Haeckels: Seaweed Centric Hair Care

One of the cleanest brands out there, Haeckels of Margate, has created some of the best hair care products on the market. It took the team at Haeckels over two years to develop their hair cleanser, which is their version of a shampoo. It is completely natural but incredibly effective. This product proves you don’t need nasty chemicals to have clean, shiny, and soft hair.

We also love that Haeckels created a reusable pump, so you only have to buy a pump once! Their Bio Energiser Conditioner is formulated with a combination of seaweed broth, nettle, and pumpkin seed oil, which together create a product filled with vitamins and fatty acids – everything you need for healthy hair. Their glass bottles look so elegant in any shower too.



Beauty, Bio Energiser + Broccoli Hair Cleanser (With Pump), £24

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Beauty, Bio Energiser Conditioner With Pump, £24

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Sop: Natural Hair Care From Norfolk

The latest line to join our natural hair care curation, Sop’s products are always cruelty free and vegan. They contain no GM ingredients, parabens, SLS, silicones and mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrance and no palm oil. They are also made locally to us in Norfolk in the UK. Suitable for everyday use for both adults and children, their Smur shampoo featured neroli and ylang ylang and smells absolutely wonderful! Follow with the Loke conditioner for leave your locks super smooth.

We love that Sop products are also available in mini travel sizes. Whilst travelling is somewhat put on hold currently, these little sizes are great for trying out or for gifts!



Beauty, Smur Shampoo With Ylang Ylang, £18

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Beauty, Loke Conditioner With Juniper, £18

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Treat & Ditch The Heat

After washing it is essential to treat your hair to avoid split, dry ends. By Sarah’s Organic Hair Oil will soften and strengthen hair, leaving it shiny and healthy. I also love F. Miller’s Natural Hair Oil which is designed to protect, hydrate and nourish hair and the skin beneath it. This oil can be used as a hair mask overnight or applied to damp hair post washing. I braid my hair while it is still damp, and a few hours later I’m left with shiny beachy hair. No heat energy needed for this simple technique! 


Beauty, Organic Hair Oil, £23

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Beauty, Natural Hair Oil, £44

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Skip The Plastic Too!

Skip plastic when it comes to hairbrushes and combs too, as they have such a short shelf life and are so cheaply made. Instead, switch to a hairbrush that is designed to last, like the Glasshouse Salon brushes. They are made from high-quality Thermo ash wood, with real wood pins, which act as an incredible detangler. These are small switches that make more of a difference then you might think – replace disposable with products that are designed to last forever!

Skip plastic hair clips and elastic bands with the Saya Designs banana leaf tools, that are incredible putting hair up. Unlike most plastic hairbands, it won’t damage your hair and you can reuse it forever, cutting down on your plastic waste.  



Hair, Wooden Comb, £20

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Hair, Cushion Hair Brush, £26

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Hair, The Tapioca Wooden Hair Pin, £28

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Hair, The Banana Leaf in Teak, £20

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Our Sustainable Hair Care Edit


Sop natural vegan cruelty free natural shampoo travel size
Smur Shampoo With Ylang Ylang – Travel Size
voyage protect organic macadamia hair oil
Macadmia Nut Hair Oil
Glasshouse natural wooden sustainable paddle hair brush
Glasshouse Salon
Wooden Paddle Brush
Haeckels natural kelp bioferment for face and scalp
Kelp Bioferment For Face & Scalp
Liha beauty idan oil
LIHA Beauty
Organic Idan Oil
La Eva organic natural spice shampoo travel size
La Eva
Organic Spice Shampoo Travel Size
Glasshouse natural wooden sustainable baby hair brush
Glasshouse Salon
Baby Hair Brush
Sop natural vegan cruelty free natural conditioner travel size
Loke Conditioner With Juniper – Travel Size

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