Reve en vert sustainable ethical conscious christmas gifts

Eco lace lingerie by @araksofficial

Sustainable fragrance by @st._rose

Reve en vert sustainable ethical conscious christmas gifts
Reve en vert sustainable ethical conscious christmas gifts

Natural non-toxic by @eymnaturals and glassware by @randd.lab

Eco Lingerie

Feeling sexy shouldn’t be at the cost of the environment, which is why we love Araks. Not only are their pieces beautiful and comfy, but they are made sustainably and to last. The matching black lace bralette and panty are no brainers because they are ultra-flattering and unlike most lacey materials, they are actually comfortable. A great way to treat yourself and your partner!



Sustainable Lube

There should be no embarrassment when it comes to wanting or needing lubricant. Most conventional lubes contain harmful ingredients that should go nowhere near our bodies! To name a few – petroleum, parabens, citric acid, and glycerin, which can increase the chances of getting a yeast infection. No thank you! HANX’s Natural Lubricant is a water-based, vegan, long-lasting, gentle, and paraben free lubricant. It is one of the best natural lubes on the market. Since it is water-based, it doesn’t trap bacteria, making it much more friendly to a woman’s natural balance. Plus, it isn’t sticky and is totally residue free, meaning no mess on your sheets (or wherever else). The perfect stocking stuffer for your significant other!



Intimacy, Vegan Condoms – 3 Pack, £6

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Organic Red Lipstick

Kjaer Weis’ KW Red is an all time favourite of our co-founder Cora Hilts, see how she wears is as part of her date night make up here! The formula of this red is completely silicone-free – it will keep your lips soft with natural ingredients of organic beeswax, jojoba and sweet almond seed oils. Another colour we love is Lola by Juni Cosmetics. Not just a beautiful shade, this lipstick also has skincare benefits and has been formulated with the best organic oils, vitamin E and botanical hyaluronic acid to be intensely hydrating. Experience full coverage and a satin finish in a comfortable yet long-wearing lipstick!

Beauty, Organic Lipstick in Lola, £38

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Natural Massage Oil

Since we can’t go get massages at the moment, treat your partner to a massage using the incredible Luce Ayurvedic Body Oil by BASIUM. Luce is a blend of pure carrier oils including moringa seed, tomato seed, and hemp seed oil with a light scent of rose, frankincense and ylang ylang which helps to restore calmness while stimulating your senses. Adding Luce to your daily ritual may help skin cell regeneration, skin softening, and the healing of damaged or scarred tissue. As a gift, light some Eym Candles and spend some time connecting with your partner or yourself!



Beauty, Organic Idan Oil, £39

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Non-Toxic Fragrance

Scents have the incredible ability to make us feel certain ways, evoking different emotions and heightening feelings. However, it is key that these scents are natural and non-toxic. ST. ROSE’s artisanal fine fragrances are handcrafted with the highest-quality and responsibly sourced ingredients that are good for you and good for the Earth. Their Discovery Set is the perfect gift for someone to discover a beautiful new scent. Read more about the importance of choosing non-toxic fragrances in our Detox Series here!

The Eco Lingerie Edit

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araks underwire bra terra
Terra Cotta Waverly Bra

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