Reve en vert sustainable intimacy

Sana Jardin Fragrance by @taylorblair1

Reve en vert sustainable intimacy
Reve en vert sustainable intimacy

Ethical Lingerie by @taylorblair1

What makes us feel sexy is completely different for everyone. When you feel your sexiest, there’s no doubt your partner will feel the same. And when you are on your own or with your girlfriends, it can instill a sense of confidence and excitement. Lighting candles, having a glass of wine, and putting on some lingerie can be just for yourself. You deserve to feel like your best self and we can appreciate how sensuality can really add to that sense of excitement. Given the current times, we can appreciate that this may have taken a back seat to other life priorities but we thought it would be fun to take a bit of time to remember how it feels to be in the mood. Whether you’re isolating alone or with a partner, dedicate a few evenings to treating yourself and your body.

Set the Mood (Naturally)

Let’s be honest, nothing sets the mood more than good lighting and candles are the perfect (and energy saving) way to establish a good scene. They are essential to creating a seductive environment, both in lighting and in scent. Just make sure they are placed strategically and away from the bed – we don’t need any accidental fires! 



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The Power of Scent

=rLuxurious scents can make us feel spoiled, sexy, and confident. Scents have the incredible ability to make us feel certain ways, evoking different emotions and heightening feelings. However, it is key that these scents are natural and non-toxic.



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Wine to Unwind

Not essential but having a glass of wine can be just what one needs to unwind a little. Have ripe, full-bodied, organic Pinot Noir – like this one from Low Intervention. If you’re alone, have a glass while you read something beautifully sexual. We recommend Three Women by Lisa Taddeo. If you’re in a relationship, share some wine with your partner and take that time to put your phones and the news away, and simply connect.

Glorious Body Oils

Treat your partner to a sensual massage or treat your own skin with a gorgeous body oil. We love the Dry Body Oil by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, as it is incredibly moisturising but not greasy, so you can pop your nighty or lingerie on top in seconds – no wait time for absorption. The subtle mix of neroli, lavender, and rose leaves the mind distressed and the body hydrated and glowing. In tantric sex, it is key to pay attention to the breasts, so give them some love with the Boobs Essential Oil. A favourite around the REV office, this product was specifically formulated to take care and hydrate the breasts through a beautiful blend of high vibrational and nurturing plant oils.



Feel Good Lingerie

At REV, we feel lingerie should make a woman feel sexy, supported, and confident. Wear it for yourself, to make you feel special, and if someone is lucky enough to see it….well lucky them. Araks underwear is the epitome of sexy and supportive. Their beautiful lace sets are flattering and unlike usual lace underwear, they have a fantastic stretch making them incredibly comfortable.



Natural Alternatives

Use alone or with a partner, Hanx’s natural lubricant is an amazing product to keep in your bedside table. Water-based and formulated without nasty chemicals, this lubricant won’t disrupt the vagina’s natural pH balance. It is residue-free, meaning no stickiness or mess on your sheets…or wherever you happen to be! You can also use this natural lubricant with toys and condoms. One of the most sustainable birth control methods is Hanx’s biodegradable and vegan condoms. They are smooth, clean scented and of course, come in recyclable packaging. They are made from natural latex and biodegrade in just three months. We think sustainable sex is the sexiest kind.



Reve en vert natural sustainable sexual wellness

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