Manasi7 natural organic beauty makeup

Manasi 7 organic natural makeup beauty
Manasi 7 organic natural makeup beauty

Would you say that creating highly concentrated, long-lasting products that a consumer does not need to replenish often is the best way to combat high street production cycles and their effective waste?

I believe that by purchasing products that are highly concentrated and have a long-lasting effect, we can reduce the amount of effective waste that comes with consumption. If we can nurture and promote a dynamic relationship between cosmetics manufacturing and organic farming, it will in turn be beneficial for both parties as well as the environment. Furthermore, if the production chain consists of independent small-scale sub-contractors, the products can be produced in small batches resulting in less waste and negative environmental impact compared to mass production.


Would you say your make-up is as effective/impactful as less ecological alternatives?

Yes, when I first began working with the idea behind Manasi7, my main standpoint was that I did not want to create a product that was ”only” natural and organic. The performance and shades are equally important to me, and I only create products that I would myself use in my professional kit as a makeup artist. They need to deliver the best pay-off and desirable results.


Do we need a higher demand of organic beauty and skincare products to encourage more sustainable and ethical resource cultivation?

Yes, I support all the existing and upcoming brands that aim to make products that are better for the environment and the world as a whole. I do not see these brands as competitors, rather I hope that the industry moves more and more towards sustainability and that natural and organic cosmetics will become the norm. I truly believe that through a higher demand, we can move towards a more sustainable approach to beauty.


Manasi 7 organic natural makeup beauty
Manasi 7 organic natural makeup beauty



Talk about the microbiome in our gut and on our skin that you target with your products? How are your products good for you inside and out? How do your ‘hero ingredients’ play into this?

I am so intrigued by this topic and I think it is very important. Basically, a healthy microbiome translates into a healthy human. A leaky gut can lead to inflammation in the body and an inflammation is the beginning to many diseases. It is clear that trauma to the gut microbiome can have serious consequences for the immune system. For example, if we continue to use antibiotics frequently (sometimes it is necessary of course), we see a clear change of the microbiome as they are designed to kill all bacteria, both “good” and “bad”. The important microbiome exists both in our gut and on our skin and what we put on the skin is as important as what we absorb in our gut. Note that I say absorb, because we can eat and drink healthy foods, but if our gut health is not optimal, we will not absorb it properly.


How do we get consumers who are most likely seeking the organic alternatives at the market or make conscious food choices to treat their skin and body routine with the same scrutiny?

I think that it usually starts with food and health, and then slowly people will continue to grow their interest in the connection to health and skin. Usually if your gut health is optimal, your skin will show that. I myself started my conscious interest with food and continued onto breathing techniques and then on to being more picky in regards to what I put on my skin. I think it is a natural step for everyone who is interested in health and wellness to begin seeking more conscious alternatives.


Manasi 7 organic natural makeup beauty
Manasi 7 organic natural makeup beauty



Do you think the less is more, multi-purpose product use will lead a more minimalist makeup look to become part of the fashion it inspires? In saying goodbye to artificial products are we shying away from the artificial ‘look’ in considering what’s ‘hot’ ?

I think that it does not need to be a minimalistic look per se, but you can easily accomplish both a natural and bold look with fewer products if they are multi-purpose and mixable. My personal taste surely inspired my choice of products and shades during my product development, but I do like a strong bold lip and smoky eye as much as a more natural look. In the end, it is totally up to the consumer how they wish to use the products, and I always encourage them to play around and try new things even combining my products with products from other brands so they have their own personal favourite kit to work with.


If you were to switch to tell people to switch to one organic product within their beauty routine, which is the one you would recommend and why?

I would say to start out with changing your conventional deodorant if it contains antibacterial or antiperspirant ingredients. The antibacterial ingredients kill all the bacteria in that area on your skin. Sweating is completely natural. It’s our bodies’ way of getting rid of toxins and regulating temperature. The deodorants are also applied very close to our lymph nodes. The lymphatic system helps to protect us from infection and disease and is part of the body’s immune system that acts as a one-way drainage system transporting fluid from body tissues into the blood circulation, it contains white blood cells called lymphocytes, which fight infection and gets rid of waste products produced by cells.

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