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Four Fundamentals Of Healthy Glowing Skin

Four Fundamentals Of Healthy Glowing Skin

With Wild Source Apothecary

Over the years, many things have been attributed to helping us achieve a glowing complexion. But today, we’re putting the avocados and coconut oil aside and handing the question over to the founders of organic skincare label Wild Source Apothecary to give us some insight into what we really should be doing to ensure our body’s largest organ is the healthiest it can be, from the inside out. Keep reading to discover four of their best tips as well as some common faux pas

Wild Source

1. Hydrate Well

 Hydrate. I know, you’ve heard it millions times already? But are you actually DOING it? And are you doing it well? Below are 2 tips here for effective hydration…

1. Imagine a dried out potted plant, we’ve all neglected one before – the water just runs straight through the dry soil and out of the bottom of the pot. But if regularly watered often, that same soil is far more able to retain water, keeping the plant hydrated for longer. Our body works the same way. Don’t forget to drink all day and then down a Litre of water -  it just isn’t as effective.

2. When you hear the word hydration, your mind instantly thinks water right? And yes, while pure water is of course vital, true, deep hydration of the body comes from eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Plants provide the body with water that is bound to (good) sugars and salts that our cells draw in far more readily than water alone. Include apples, melons, cucumbers, celery, lettuce, berries, and tomatoes…just to name a few!

Harmony Oil

2. Love Your Liver

Our skin is our largest organ for detoxification in the body. If our other detoxification systems become over burdened and sluggish, then our skin will take up the slack, leading to break outs or problematic skin. Poor diet, toxins in our environment and skin and body care products can all add to the burden. Everything we put on a skin is absorbed and must be processed and detoxified by the liver.


These are my 3 top liver loving tips:

Fats – they should be high in QUALITY and LOW in quantity.

Eat plenty of greens and include stimulating bitter salad leafs and herbs such as dandelion, artichoke, chicory.

Daily bowel movements – Sluggish digestion is an added burden for the liver and so too the skin, so try and stay regular!

Clean up your skin care and home cleaning habits, using products with only pure, natural ingredients to reduce the toxic burden we put upon ourselves.

3. Practice Mindfulness

 When we are stressed, our bodies go into ‘survival’ mode and survival naturally takes precedence over everything else. That is to say, stress hormones take priority in the body and other hormones, such as those involved in keeping our skin glowing and blemish free, can get out of whack because all the nutritional building blocks for making hormones get shunted into making stress hormones. Stress hormones physically age us and make our skin more sensitive and reactive too.

Mindfulness is at the core of the Wild source mantra ‘Rituals not Routines’. We encourage you to make space for mindfulness within your beauty and skincare routines, using it as an opportunity to slow down and connect with your body. Using your breath, your touch, and the beauty of the essential oils which work holistically on body, mind, and spirit to bring you into balance. The positive influence of mindfulness on our hormones, our brain chemistry, and our physical health as whole must not be underestimated.

It’s so important to find what works for you, but here are some of my favourite de-stressing tactics. Meditation, deep breathing, reading, dancing, journalling or free writing your thoughts onto paper. Sleep! Reducing caffeine, refined sugar, and other stimulants, particularly as it gets closer to evening, is an easy tip as well.

Radiance Mask

4. Focus on micronutrients over macronutrients

The term ‘deficiency is excess’ describes our ability to eat a lot of food while still being deficient in important nutrients, and sadly this is becoming more and more common. The average diet of processed food often lacks the serious benefits found in more natural and organic sources. Nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins C, E and A, and important phyto-chemicals are found mostly in fruits and vegetables, as well as the right kinds of healthy fats. These are all involved in healing problematic skin issues, as well as in protecting it from damage and premature ageing so do try and get as much natural, plant-based goodness into your diet as possible!

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