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The Mists From Southern France

Introducing The Provençal Mist We Didn't Know We Needed ...

As attention shifts towards a philosophy of ‘restrained luxury’ this holiday season, La Brumée presents itself. The natural, vegan, cruelty-free hair and body fragrance line curated in Provence, France offers the guilt and damage-free solution.


What’s wrong with my current routine? 


To the savvy shopper who chooses BPA-free t-cups or goes the extra mile by opting out of plastic utensils, consider the damage of your morning routine. Aerosol and fragrance products mask ingredients such as formaldehyde, vegetable gums, and wheat protein in the scheme of ‘secret recipes.’ To all you health-conscious, gone gluten, or simply those who are trying to avoid avoidable carcinogens, don’t spend the premium at your local farmer’s market to go home and spray yourself with such toxins.




Why La Brûmée differs?


As La Brûmée founder Anne Claire Walch says the line is designed for “the modern city woman.” Coming from a background in Pharmacy, she sought to create a natural solution for refreshed hair. The scents evoke the sensual, vivacious, fresh feeling nature of their procurement in Provence coupled with inspiration from Matisse and Rorthko.

“The La Brûmee woman believes there is beauty everywhere, and seeks it out wherever she goes. Confident and creative, she also knows that beauty is something you create for yourself, and doesn’t wait for others to make it happen for her” - Anne Claire Walch.

“The La Brûmée woman believes there is beauty everywhere, and seeks it out wherever she goes."

The nitty-gritty. 


Over here at Rev we went about testing the Parisienne line for our personal favourites, all of which are 100% natural France and certified by ECOCERT EU regulations. The addition of Aloe Vera to the concoction emulates the beauty routines of Egyptian royals, also offering.a cleaner way to draw out plant extracts.  All manufacturing partners use sustainable methods and 100% natural ingredients. Travel on the conscious side this Christmas with La Brumée…


Choose between FRAÎCHE – aloe vera and waterlily, FRUITÉE – apricot and pomegranate, and DOUCE – almond and orange blossom.

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