A New Era Of Style

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Our New Vision

A letter from co-founder Cora on a (slightly) new era for Rêve En Vert

A Place For Honest Luxury

Although Rêve En Vert is technically four years old, it constantly feels to me like the company is brand new. Never have I felt this more so than now, when sustainability is finally a word at the forefront of everyone’s mind and consumer awareness is steadily growing. When my co-founder Natasha and I started REV, we felt at the time that fashion was in a, frankly, defunct place – with no real nuances or conscience to be seen within the industry. Today that feels very different.


It seems to me that the only companies that really succeed in the world are the ones that are constantly adapting and constantly challenging the status quo – they are constantly leading conversation and shaping beliefs. I want REV to be that. It was with this in mind that our team sat down and talked about the future of “sustainable” fashion and our place within it a couple of weeks ago.

These in-depth discussions resulted in a big decision for us. From today onwards, we will no longer be talking about “sustainable” fashion when it comes to our company. That is NOT because we are not a company with this at it’s core but rather, that this is a word that seems to have lost a lot of meaning over the last year – simply through over and mis-use. It is a word that, in our opinion, has amassed too much ambiguity and we want to make sure that from now on you all know exactly what it means to us and what we stand for.

Our new tagline includes the phrase “Honest Luxury” which is the only way we truly felt we could describe what it is we do – this means we hold transparency to the highest standard within the company. We have nothing to hide when it comes to our designers, our own business and our supply chains. If you ask us a question, we will have the answer and are always here to discuss them.


We want to empower consumers to think differently about the products they buy and why they buy them. By offering a wide range of luxury pieces that have been made with the utmost environmental and social respect, we hope to shape a future of more conscious consumerism. Our slogan,“A New Era Of Style,” speaks to the fact that we happily see a better future of fashion and lifestyle as inevitable, but that we will be pushing for this faster and more strongly than others.

We also feel passionately about taking this conversation off line in order to provoke more real debate and conversation (there really is only so much you can get from a screen!). We also want to get to know our REV community. Therefore, we will be holding physical REV Talks once a month in London starting from September, with knowledgable and provocative speakers and topics. We truly hope to use these talks to push boundaries and shift people’s perspective on honest luxury. Please look out on our social channels and newsletter for the announcement of the line up.


I am so looking forward to this new era of Rêve En Vert and of fashion – we will be updating our content, our ethos page, and our designers to always be the best they can be.


Please join us in our journey to Honest Luxury.


- Cora Hilts