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No More Meaningless Wedding Gifts

No More Meaningless Wedding Gifts

Some inspiration for a sustainable registry courtesy of REV co-founder Cora...

Last year I got married and the thing that you think would be the most fun was actually very stressful. Both working in, and personally very dedicated to, sustainable living there was one particular minefield for my now husband and I – the gift registry.

We knew our friends and family wanted to get us something and I had my mother in one ear telling me if we didn’t choose items ourselves Jamie and I would end up with a bunch of things we didn’t truly want. However when I went on all the gift registry sites I realised even in choosing everything ourselves we would end up with things we simply didn’t need as these online registries make their money with the knowledge that weddings have become so ensconced in somewhat vacuous consumerism. It’s so tempting as well to just get on and click everything that takes your fancy – sort of like being a kid in a candy store again.

"I realised even in choosing everything ourselves we would end up with things we simply didn’t need."

That being said, as we were both in our 30s the necessary life items we had already purchased – pans, towels, wine glasses were all ensconced in our flat and we found ourselves looking at things we didn’t even know we needed, like name tag holders (for the many formal dinners we throw of course) or £300 pens for Jamie’s desk. Twenty different flower vases, why not?  Simply put, when you are making a concentrated effort towards conscious living, a wedding registry can seem super daunting when you want to allow people to shop for you but not end up with a hundred things you simply don’t need want or will never use.

"When you are making a concentrated effort towards conscious living, a wedding registry can seem super daunting."

So for all the couples out there in a similar quandary here are some of the ways to navigate a gift registry ethically (some of these I have discovered only since getting married and am very bummed I didn’t know of before!) and hopefully curate a home that is as beautiful as it is conscious and add a little extra meaning to your wedding and the start of your home with someone.

Forest Alliance


We did this and you can easily add this on to any major gift registry, like the Wedding Shop.


 Green Pan


I have been telling anyone who will listen about the hazardous chemicals in our cooking pans, non-stick material is actually incredibly toxic and tends to come off into the food we are cooking every time we use it. I was horrified to learn about this as I am spending all this money and time making organic, vegetarian food. Enter the solution – Green Pan! This amazing company makes totally toxin free cookware that is as safe for you as it is good for the planet.

Midnatt Bedding


Midnatt bedding – for all your organic bedding needs this new Swedish brand creates a bedroom that is entirely sustainable. Given that we spend so much time in bed, this is a mega one to go organic in and the colours are delicious.


 Feldspar Pottery


This line we stock on REV and I had the pleasure of going to meet it’s makers, Jeremy and Cath, at their gorgeous studio in Devon where they design and produce things by hand. Everything they can’t make themselves they source as and manufacture as locally as possible in England. Their slogan is “objects for life” and having invested in their butter dish and mugs, I can honestly say these things spark joy (for anyone else obsessed with Marie Kondo) every time my husband and I use them and will be in our home forever.


Butter Dish

The Anna Jones ‘Modern Cook’s Year Book’


 Not only can you judge this book by it’s gorgeous cover that makes a great visual addition to the kitchen, it’s full of plant-based meals that you actually want to make and your partner will genuinely want to eat.


Mater For Furniture


 This amazing Danish shop allows you to buy things like chair, side tables and vases all made from recycled materials like fishing nets, beach wood and fast growing mango wood and sustainable LED lighting. Plus it has that amazing Scandi look.

Subscription to the Wine Butler


This was a personal favourite option. It’s a wine delivery service that groups together sustainable, organic and vegan wines from all over the world for you to try. Receiving one of their gorgeous boxes is such a (relatively guilt free) treat.


Peony Box


There’s just something really luxurious about sleeping on silk, particularly the pure kind. Peony Box’s pillows and pillow case sets are made from only the finest mulberry silk with zero chemical additives, and are so much more aesthetically appealling than your average.


Peony Box

Currently writing your registry or wondering what to gift a bride and groom? Here’s a few more suggestions from us…