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The Ozzie Way Of Life

Australia's key player role in Fashion and Sustainability

Designer Natalija shares her thoughts on the topic

Australia is indeed in the midst of a sustainable fashion moment. This year alone, Australia is establishing itself as a powerful voice in the global sustainability conversation. Leaders from the fashion and textile industries gathered for the first Australian Circular Fashion Conference in the country, Vogue Australia themed its march issue on sustainability which was guest edited by actress and activist Emma Watson, November will carry out Australia’s second edition of Eco Fashion Week Australia (EFWA). So, we wonder why is it that Australia seems to be three steps ahead?


As well as positioning itself as a major player in sustainable fashion, Australia also has an inspiring approach to fashion and quite a distinctive sense of style. We believe this particular relationship between the two results in sustainability being ‘a cool and genuine mindset’ and not just a green-washing marketing strategy or a hippy, draggy word. We chose to speak to our most recent addition to Rêve En Vert, Sydney-based designer Natalija, and asked her to share her opinions on the topic as well as attempting to pinpoint the certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes Australian style so unique.


Your style in three words?


Simple, relaxed and timeless.


How did you get into sustainable fashion? Do you think living in Australia Inspired your commitment to an ethical brand? 


Fashion is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. For me, there is a space to love fashion yet support sustainable practices – and the more I learn about the fashion industry, the more I am convinced that people need to buy less but buy better.


Going forward as a brand, our main priority is to continue to improve our practices wherever possible and further educate our customer on the importance of sustainable fashion for our future.

We are hoping to be an advocate for the slow fashion movement and aid in the shift in consumer’s mindsets back to appreciating quality and longevity rather than supporting ‘fast fashion’ ideals – that is, consuming less and being mindful of a garment’s quality of make. Educating women to know where their clothes are made and being more mindful as consumers, we believe is key to breaking the chain of trend driven, throwaway fashion.

Rose Silk Slip Dress

I do believe that Australian brands are thinking more about this; partially because it’s driven by the way we live. We care about living well. So much so that it’s not just what we put in our bodies, but also about what we put on our bodies that’s important to us.


There is often a stigma that anything that is sustainable is hippy, not modern, draggy… Why do you think sustainability isn’t a dirty word in Australia and more of a ‘cool mindset’? 


These days, things are different. Consumers are actually seeking out ethical purchases, and Australian designers are taking heed by producing sustainably sourced clothing people actually want to wear. Because what’s more chic than looking after the environment?


Do you think the proximity to nature triggers the consumer to think more ethically in Australia more so than in other countries?


To be honest, I don’t really know – however there is a clear connection between ethical fashion and the ocean, and because Australia is surrounded by it; the next generations of designers like myself are looking at ways to take responsibility for their products.


What clothing, materials, trends do you feel really defines Australian style?


I think our distance from the rest of the world helps to develop our own distinctive style. There’s definitely a certain flair, which is based in personality and a mix of our environment. Something I really notice, is we have a very relaxed, cool and naturally sensual aesthetic, with a sense of fun!

Forest Green Silk Slip

For REV consumers, what are your recommendations for the best green go-to’s in Sydney? 


Sydney is interesting, inviting and truly mesmerizing… There is so much to do, beautiful iconic buildings to see and awe-inspiring natural attractions that were made for Instagram! We are spoilt for choice. Though my favourite clean living experience is to have a green juice from bills in Bondi, followed by a coastal walk and a swim at Bronte. Though if it’s not warm enough for a dip in the ocean, then just to be next to it is therapeutic.


Finally, your mission in one sentence?


I have a very specific vision for the brand – a collection for the woman who wants to look modern and feel comfortable at the same time, and is mindful of investing in well made, quality garments that have a kinder impact on the world.