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04. Theia Full Spectrum Hemp Oil



For When You Feel Exhaustion, Burnout, Grief, Recovery

THEIA nourishes your physical body so you can return to your energetic self, open to new possibilities and fullness. This restorative blend has been formulated to overcome feelings of exhaustion, fragmentation, and depletion by reinvigorating your strength through any transition so you can navigate your way back to your natural, whole essence. Size is 1000 MG.


hand made

Hand Made

locally sourced

Locally Made

organic materials


plastic free

Plastic free

About fe Earth to Body

Acknowledging discomfort is the first step in the healing process. The embodiment of each emotional or physical symptom is wildly unique to each person, yet the experience is shared by many. Fe Earth to Body believes long-term, uncomfortable symptoms don’t need to be endured, that’s why we offer naturopathic doctor-formulated blends. Unlike most CBD products on the market that focus on the relief of physical pain, they alleviate symptoms by addressing the root constitutional imbalances, rather than just a band-aid approach.

How to Use

We recommend speaking with a trusted medical professional before folding CBD products into your self-care regimen!

When first getting started, especially if you feel unsure about how much CBD to take, it is important to remember less is more. CBD has a biphasic effect, meaning you will have your own personal and optimal dose– lower doses of CBD are stimulating while higher doses are sedating, hence why CBD reflective-based dosing is so important.


– To begin testing out your CBD dosage, allow 4+ hours before trying a second dose. This helps avoid compounding the effects of subsequent doses.

– We recommend you take your first CBD dosage in the morning, your second in the evening, and then adjust accordingly the next day.

– CBD has powerful effects on the endocannabinoid system in our bodies—every last cell is affected. With this in mind, it’s important to allow time and space for your endocannabinoid system to open up, for changes to occur, and for the benefits to unfold.

hemp oil-cbd oil-natural cbd


*Hemp Seed Oil, *MCT Coconut Oil, *CO2 Extracted Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, *Milky Oat Top Extract, *Nettle Extract, *Hibiscus Extract, * Flower Essences, Vitamin E, *Grain-Free Alcohol (less than 2% by volume), Water.

*Made with Organic Ingredients

hemp oil-cbd oil-natural cbd

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