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18.7 Recycled Cashmere Jumper With Red



The sweater has a slim fit and a classic crewneck round neckline in soft cashmere. The black and white stripes give it a classic look, with the red neckline adding a pop of colour. Made from 97% recycled cashmere, 3% merino wool. We suggest not to dry clean your cashmere and wool but rather hand wash with green detergent in warm water and lay dry.


charitable giveback

Charitable Giveback

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Locally Made

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Upcycled / Recycled

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Zero Waste


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The PHI Philosophy

PHI encourages investing in long-lasting garments that focus on high quality rather than the fast-fashion quantity that plagues the world today. PHI’s ambition is to contribute to the sustainable development of society through the best labour standards possible. Their line of classic and timeless garments, which are produced in Italy and made of the finest recycled wool and cashmere, are made to last. PHI hopes to inspire conscious consumption of clothing resulting in more creative ways of dressing.

How To Care For Your PHI Knit

Use the hand wash, gentle, or wool cycle to wash your knits, turning your knit inside out to product the fibers, using a bag or a pillow case to protect it. Go for lower water temperatures whenever possible.

Use green laundry detergents free from phosphates and optical whiteners that is made specifically for wool and cashmere that will nourish your knit.

Skip the dryer! Air drying is always the better option. Don’t wring or twist your garment, squeeze it gently to ensure it doesn’t lose its shape. Lie flat on a towel or rack to dry.

PHI sustainable knitwear

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