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Grums Aarhus

Bamboo White Toothbrush


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All aspects of this eco-friendly toothbrush are biodegradable- from the bamboohandle to the BPA-free bristles. It’s a far more environmentally friendly brush than many other wooden brushes, as bamboo grass grows extremely fast in comparison to trees. Grums advise you to replace your toothbrush regularly to maintain good oral health.


Danish brand Grums, offer quality skincare and body products based on recycled organic coffee grounds that are collected from Danish cafes and festivals. These grounds are then blended with other natural vegan- friendly ingredients and all of the formulas are paraben, colourant, allergen and perfume-free. Building on their eco structure, the founders continue to strive themselves on sustainability, housing all of their products in plant based packaging, derived from sugar cane.

Ingredients and details

Mao bamboo handle, nylon bristles, eco paint, eco kraft paper box

How to use

Run the bristles under water, apply toothpaste and brush teeth for two minutes for a thorough clean.