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Bath Brush


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For all those tricky to reach places, like your back, shoulders and back of legs there’s this bath brush. Made from high quality thermo ash wood and natural wild boar bristles, use the brush on across dry skin to boost lymphatic drainage and gentle exfoliate dead skin, for a smoother, brighter looking skin.

How To Use:

Use over dry skin, starting at the feet and working your way up the body using round circular movements. Can be used alone or in conjunction with an exfoliating detox scrub, we recommend Wild Source Detox Bath Scrub.


Founded in 2013 by New Zealander Olivia Crighton, Glasshouse was born from a belief of natural ingredients and a special consideration for the environment. Their classic brush range has been made using traditional wood, with some brushes using natural wild boar bristles. The brushes are produced at their German manufacture, who have specialised in making wooden brushes for over 140 years. The pride themselves on supporting the environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable use of the worlds forests. The firm is FSC certified, and they use their excess wood shavings from each brush to heat the production premises, and for the wood drying process.

Ingredients and details

- FSC certified Thermo ash wood