C/4 Hydrating Facial Scrub with Pink Clay & Almond



A maximum efficiency undiluted organic-certified and vegan face mask containing 73.40% of active natural ingredients. Moisten your face then apply. Gently massage for a few seconds. Rinse thoroughly. Pink clay (a mineral), the smoothest of all clays, is a combination of white and red clay. Highly adapted to sensitive and reactive skins, it works like an astringent, purifier and natural stimulant for the skin. Size is 50ml / 1.69fl.oz.


hand made

Hand Made

locally sourced

Locally Made

organic materials


plastic free

Plastic free

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Why do we love Cosmydor so much? 

Cosmydor is a 100% natural and mainly organic French brand that has been producing non toxic products since 1877.


All products are 100% biodegradable and made locally in France to minimise their carbon footprint.


A demanding organic certification guarantees the origins of ingredients, with no chemicals whatsoever. Smells and textures come solely from the active natural ingredients used in the formulas.

The benefits of these natural ingredients.

Kaolin (clay): Kaolin (also know as China clay, hectorite or magnesium silicate) is a naturally occurring soft clay. it helps to cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells and debris from the surface.

Almond shell powder: Almond shell powder is a finely ground, beautiful tan and light brown speckled powder that provides medium to aggressive abrasion when incorporated into exfoliating products.

Sesame seed oil: Sesame seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids. Known for its softening and skin-rejuvenating properties, it penetrates quickly without being greasy.

Jojoba oil: Deeply penetrating, jojoba oil has a dry texture that rebalances the flow of sebum and prevents dehydration of the skin.

natural almond oil ingredient

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