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Ceremonial Grade Matcha



Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the zen-meets-energy boost you never knew you needed. Our top-tier, organic matcha is harvested sustainably in Kyoto, the most prestigious green tea growing region in Uji, Japan.

This single-origin cultivar is a phenomenal choice for a pure, traditional matcha experience that leaves you feeling grounded and held by the earth.

Enjoy a matcha latte in the morning or afternoon for a gentle source of caffeine that leaves you feeling focused, alert, and invigorated with rich chlorophylls and antioxidants. It’s like coffee, but without the jitters or crash. It has a bold umami flavor with well-balanced floral and honey notes.

Please note this item ships directly from the USA. 


All Natural

Allergen Free

cruelty free

Cruelty Free

Low Comedogenic



Rule Breakers

Whimsy Official is a lifestyle atelier dedicated to conscious luxury. They focus a little less on industry standards and a little more on creating their own. The brand is cranking up the heat when it comes to redefining norms – starting with clean wellness and beauty.

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Camellia sinensis (Organic ceremonial grade matcha)

Contains 1.6oz | 45.3g (~14-16 servings)

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