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Chikutan Sticks (3 pieces)



Three thin pieces of handcrafted Kishu binchotan charcoal. Chikutan Sticks are made from Japanese Bamboo and  are used to elevate the taste and visual expression of any drink, be it water or a cocktail. The small sticks absorb impurities from the drink, and release minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Length: 18 cm (7 in).




hand made

Hand Made

natural materials

Natural Materials

sustainable forestry

Sustainable Forestry

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Sort of coal japanese charcoal

White Charcoal is one of the purest forms of carbon available.

Sort of coal japanese charcoal

Sort Of Coal are extremely proud of their commitment to the craftsmen and women in Japan they have worked with for over a decade.

The Power of White Charcoal.

White Charcoal is one of the purest forms of carbon available. Filled with countless microcavities, the surface area of just one gram of the material equals 250 m² , around the size of a tennis court. This allows White Charcoal to absorb impurities from water, air or even skin, while releasing vital minerals absorbed by the living tree, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. White Charcoal can turn tap water into pure mineral water, remove odors from the air, and work as a balancing agent for the body through the food of negative ions it emits.

Handle This Product With Care.

Before use, sterilize and remove ash residue from the sticks by pouring boiling water over them. After use, pour boiling water over the sticks again to clean and keep the White Charcoal active. Let the sticks dry out completely, then store in a container or plastic bag until your next round of drinks or tea.

Sort of coal japanese charcoal

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