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Cloud Cloth

Cleansing Cloths – Trio Pack


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Paving the way for sustainable and re-usable beauty, this dual function face cleansing cloth is the perfect addition to any beauty regime. While one side is super soft like cotton wool, perfect for removing make-up, masks and other skincare products. The other side is slightly rougher, offering enhanced exfoliation, so skin feels refreshed, revived and more than just clean.


CloudCloth was born from a desire to change the beauty industry to become more sustainable. They are proud to be part of a movement towards more mindful consumerism, which they are able to adopt in three important ways: 1. Creating multi-use products that can be enjoyed long-term. 2. Adopting a sourcing policy that works in partnership with local, UK-based manufacturers and suppliers, wherever possible. 3. Manufacturing using more environmentally viable materials, such as recyclable packaging and organic cotton. Their ethos is very firmly fixed on the future. But we recognise that CloudCloth is also part of a heritage of re-usable skincare, prevalent before the throw-aways were widely available.

Ingredients and details

How to use:
Use the CloudCloth daily, but we recommend you limit the exfoliation side to twice a week.

How to use

Three cloths in one pack.