Euphoria Necklace



Organic forms and imperfect surfaces create pieces that float between reality and imagination. As always the focus is on quality and craftsmanship and the pieces feature handmade chains and irregular shaped freshwater pearls. The pieces of the collection are made with lost-wax technique in gold-plated brass and rhodium plated silver versions. Adjustable to your size. Chain length: 45-60cm.

Please note this item ships from the maker in Budapest!



Handcrafted Jewellery From Budapest

The EVA REMENYI brand was founded in 2012. The emerging designer brand from Budapest mixes a fresh approach with the age-old jeweler tradition. The pieces are handcrafted by a young team in Budapest.


The characteristic jewels represent minimal design, both with geometrical shapes and with the use of natural elements. The rhythmical repetition on the imposing jewels became the determinant stylistic mark of the brand.


Locally Sourced and Recycled Precious Metals

All EVA REMENYI pieces are made from high quality materials. All of the gold and silver they use is recycled and sourced locally, while their raw brass material is sourced from within the EU.

Not only do they use mostly recycled metals, they also recycle all of their scrap metal. Any leftover metal is collected and recycled and in the case of precious metals, even the powder is re-melted.


A Focus On Local Craftsmanship

The focus on local craftsmanship is so important to EVA REMENYI, all of their jewelry is produced by hand in their workshop in Budapest. Goldsmithing is a manual process and a significant part of the making is done with hand tools by talented artisans.

EVA REMENYI’s goldsmiths make EVA REMENYI pieces in a safe and well-equipped workshop and are paid a fair wage. Gold plating and casting is also done locally by family businesses, further reducing the carbon footprint of their pieces.


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