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The FLVC Powder dissolves in water or your drink of choice (without stirring) and is perfect for a detoxing boost. Completely tasteless, the powder is a perfect addition to your daily routine. Ingredients: Organic fulvic and humic acid. Choose your go to hydration vessel. Water, Tea, Smoothie. Since fulvic acid has no flavour or texture, can be added to anything! Size is 16g / .5 oz.

Please note this item ships from Canada! 


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Healthy Body & Mind Supplements

FLVC’s belief is that a healthy mind, body and soul means not only do we feel our best, but we contribute as healthy beings in our community. More than ever we are asked to rise up for social justices, take care of our communities, and balance it all. At times like these it is key that we take care of our bodies and our mental health.

On the long journey to health, FLVC have learned that a healthy gut is a healthy mind. Research shows that a healthy gut can help ward off bacteria and viruses, and help communicate with the brain through nerves and hormones which maintain general health and wellbeing.

FLVC are a woman-led local business operating and residing on the Sylix Territory of the Okanagan (Kelowna, BC).

Organic Fulvic & Humic Acids

FLVC’s collection of organic fulvic and humic acids are Canadian sourced super supplements created by nature to support microbiome health, energy, mood and healthy glowing skin.

Fulvic acid is an organic compound found naturally in the earth’s soil, created as millions of microbes decompose plant matter. These substances can be over millions of years old.

Since fulvic and humic acids contain antioxidants, some people may experience a detox for the first few days


Minerals From Healthy Soil

Modern day agriculture has lost the connection to a healthy soil. Even if we eat organic fruits and vegetables, our soil is lacking essential minerals and nutrients. Therefore the plants we eat, grown in deficient soil, are ultimately lacking in those minerals. Mineral deficiencies can manifest in a variety of ways such as brain fog and fatigue, unhealthy sleeping patterns, the health of our skin and hair, and our bodies immune defence.

Fulvic and humic acids contain soil based organisms, over 72 trace minerals. Rich in antioxidants, peptides (amino acids), nucleic acids, and silica.

Each batch goes through quality testing in terms of chemical and microbial contaminants so you can be sure you are receiving the purest form of fulvic and humic acids, with high nutritional composition.

Please note: if pregnant/breastfeeding or have health concerns, consult with a physician.


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