Horn Tumbler



Perfect for a cocktail or whisky, these beautiful horn tumblers are made from sustainable horn in Uganda. They are marked with the QASA QÄSA logo and each has a unique grain to it. Come in variations of white and black. Size is 7-8cm diameter x 8-9cm height (approx).Hand-wash in lukewarm water and dry. Not recommended for use with hot drinks.


artisanal production


hand made

Hand Made

natural materials

Natural Materials

zero waste

Zero Waste

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What makes this piece special?

Made in Uganda by artisan Olivia Knox.

The Ankole horn is usually discarded or burnt as part of the cattle industry, and so our horn products are 100% ethical and sustainable, reusing a material that would otherwise be wasted.  All these pieces are meticulously handcrafted using local and indigenous materials and take into account sustainability and ethical production.

qasa qasa sustainable ethical handmade homeware

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