Lisa Rug in Brick Red



Plush, harmonious colours, stylishly rustic, hand-loomed luxury, our Allwina rugs are handwoven in handloom machines by knitters from North Argentina with 100% natural wool spun by a spindle. Warp-faced, flat-woven weave. This rug is made with fireproof, acoustic and thermal insulation material. Sustainable and eco-friendly friendly. The colours are obtained from vegetable pigments or mineral dyes without lead and UV filters. Density has 2.1 kg of wool per square mater. Each rug can take between 5 and 7 weeks to be produced, depending on the size.

Please note this item ships from London! 


artisanal production


charitable giveback

Charitable Giveback

hand made

Hand Made

natural fibres

Natural Fibres



London Based South American Ethical Textiles

Based in London, ALLWINA was born to promote appreciation for and foster excellence in South American textile crafts. They are producing and curating art-like pieces at the service of the triple impact, driving economic growth, social equality and environmental sustainability, and facilitating access to its consumption in Europe.


The ALLWINA own label was born in 2020 by working with wool producers from a protected area in Argentine Patagonia and a group of talented women weavers.


ALLWINA aims to be a home for the celebration of crafts and people behind them.



100% Andean Native Sheep Wool

Utilising South American fibers in their collections, ALLWINA ensure all their items are made with high-standard materials offering high durability. The projects that compose Allwina source their wools from local family businesses ensuring local support and excellence. The wool used is selected under a strict criteria of being the best that can be found. 

Compositions vary from 100% pure wools to exquisite and unique blends such as Silk/Wool, which brings a sophisticated finishings and durability to the pieces.

ALLWINA’s signature rugs are made with fibres that come from the same region in which they are woven, even sometimes wool comes from the weavers’ own sheeps or neightbours that are local farmers, and is obtained under barter exchange, a system still used in those communities.


South American Craftsmanship

ALLWINA is a South American souled brand. It is cultural retailer made up of well-established but still small South American projects dedicated to the production of high-quality handcrafted textiles. 

Under their signature label ALLWINA has a collection of rugs made on a loom, by hand, in northern Argentina. ALLWINA also has a curated collection of art-like pieces from both Argentina and Uruguay that they consider iconic, and have a strong know-how on what they do.

ALLWINA, as administrator and accelerator, works together with each of these self-managed projects to facilitate the access of its products to the international market. All projects champion good practices in artisanal textile making.


By Women, For Women

ALLWINA promotes women’s economic and emotional independence as part of its impact on local economies. ALLWINA believes that this factor builds the foundation of a just society.



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