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Atelier Sarisha Beauty

Marché Aux Fleurs Salt & Floral Bath


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Relieve tension and bring some zen to your day with this calming and relaxing bath soak. Perfect for reviving tired muscles, add to a steaming hot bath and let your limbs soak in peace. The intoxicating mix of chamomile, calendula and jasmine flowers, together with pink Himalayan salt, yang ylang, and sweet orange will leave your bathroom smelling, quite literally of heaven.


Sarisha was created due to the founder not being able to find affordable, plant-based and travel-friendly formulas to use on trips abroad. Her beautiful skin and haircare line provides ingredients that are plant-based and certified cruelty-free. They package all products in paper, never using plastic, and strongly believe that in order to achieve progress, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our own health. If you’re living a plant-based lifestyle, you should be able to incorporate that into your skincare regime too. The name Sarisha comes from Sanskrit, where it means charm and elegance, which the brand certainly fulfils.

Ingredients and details

4fl.oz/ 113g

Rosebuds, Chamomile Flower, Calendula Flower, Jasmine Flower, Pink Himalayan Salt, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil

How to use

Fill up the muslin bag included with the salt & floral mixture. Run it under the faucet letting the warm water run through it and then let the bag soak in the water as you sit, relax and detoxify for about 20-30 minutes. End the bath with your usual body cleansing routine, and make sure you empty, rinse and allow the bag to air dry for future uses.