Turtle Bags

Medium Organic Cotton Produce Bag



This organic cotton bag is certified under the Global Organic Textile  Standard (GOTS), which means no chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used in the production of the of the fabric and farmers must work under safe conditions with an agreed minimum wage. Voile bag size is 10″ x 12″. Washable, they allow you the satisfaction of shunning the plastic bag and perfect for breads, fruits and veggies.


artisanal production




natural materials

Natural Materials

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turtle bags plastic free

Inspired by turtles who mistake plastic bags in the ocean for jellyfish, Turtle Bags are a practical reminder that plastic never goes away.

natural jute fabric

Their bags are ethically and sustainably made from natural materials including organic cotton and jute.

Turtle Bags are committed to...

1 – Opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers
2 – Transparency and accountability
3 – Fair trading practices
4 – Payment of a fair price
5 – Ensuring no child or forced labour
6 – Commitment to non discrimination & gender equality
7 – Ensuring good working conditions
8 – Providing capacity building
9 – Promoting fair trade
10 – Respect for the environment


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