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Naira Linen Cushion



A take on enduringly beautiful Indian hand block prints in calming blues and peach, the Naira sets the tone for relaxation and peace. This blue linen cushion melds wistful shades in a Bel Air blue on the back and powder blue and heritage blue print on a dream-tinged peach whip base on the front. Made from 100% organic linen that’s both durable and opulent, and hand block printed in Tharangini Studios in India. Size is 50 x 50 cm.

Please note this item ships from the designer in the UK! 


artisanal production


charitable giveback

Charitable Giveback

hand made

Hand Made

natural dyes

Natural Dyes

zero waste

Zero Waste



Traditionally Crafted Ethical Homewear

Daughters of Gaea makes luxury home décor, ethically and sustainably. It was born from the idea that businesses should give back to the people that work for them and to planet from which they use resources.

The Daughters of Gaea ethos is to work with female-led artisan groups, providing empowered employment for hand workers across the world, of which 90%+ are women. They make luxury home decor pieces by celebrating traditional handcraft techniques.  All their products are made with low impact GOTS dyes and from environmentally friendly materials.

Ethical Silk

Although Daughters of Gaea silk is not vegan, their process allows the silkworm larvae to live in harmony with their natural process. They don’t use any pesticides in the mulberry leaves used to feed them, and they are nurtured in optimum conditions in the incubation centres up to the end of their lifecycle. Daughters of Gaea use the same supplier to cultivate the larvae, harvest and spin the silk, so they can be sure that these factors will always meet their ethical requirements.

Natural silk fabric is completely biodegradable. Paired with low-impact, eco-friendly dyes as Daughters of Gaea have, and you have a completely non-toxic product. Unlike some materials, silk is also comparatively low-impact on the environment throughout the production stage. Water and land usage are minimal, and as long as no pesticides are used, environmental damage is low.




Supporting Ethical Female-Run Businesses In Bangalore

Daughters of Gaea partner with two artisan studios, Tharangini Studios and Blank Studio to support female artisans and provide fair wages and welfare.

Set up in the 1960s by Lakshmi Srivathsa, a Delhi art student at the time, Tharangini Studios is now Bangalore’s oldest, heritage textile handcraft studio. The female-owned and family-run business has expanded over the decades from small beginnings to a global exporter, whilst maintaining use of high-quality, organically-certified colours and natural dyes to remain low-waste throughout the production process.

Daughters of Gaea have chosen to work with the production company Blank Studio, based in Bangalore, to sew their Indian collection. A sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical business, Studio Blank’s focus is on slow-fashion. The team are made up from a diverse mix of women from varied cultural backgrounds with a shared love of Indian textile manufacturing and innate craftsmanship.


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