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Natural Meditation Cushion

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By collaborating with some of the worlds best material engineers Complete Unity Yoga have perfected this meditation cushion which is loved by yoga and meditation practitioners worldwide.  cotton filled yoga meditation cushion is perfect for travelling and meditators that would prefer a softer seat. The cotton filling makes it amazing for yoga retreats and sitting for longer periods. Weight is 0.9 KG, and size is 44 x 25 x 15 cm.




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Charitable Giveback

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Zero Waste

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Why we love this cushion.

Imagine yourself listening to the sound of a peaceful life while seated on this beautifully crafted meditation cushion.  The meditation cushion will contour to your body and lifts your hips up to enable you to find that perfect comfortable meditation posture every time.

natural organic fabric plant

This cushion is crafted from sustainable, all natural cotton.

Indigo luna eco activewear

Organic cotton eco activewear by Indigo Luna.

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