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Oatmeal Love Recycled Cashmere Sweater



Show your love for mother earth with this oatmeal sweater from our Conscious Cashmere capsule.. It is finely knitted using 97% recycled cashmere, a yarn that saves around 98% in water and 90% in CO2 emissions compared with non-recycled yarns. Made locally in London, it is detailed with intarsia lettering and finished with delicate embroidery. Chinti’s eco-friendly swing tags on each garment are made using seeded paper that, once planted, will grow into wildflowers. Model is 5ft 10in and wears a UK size 8/Small.



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The Conscious Cashmere Collection

Chinti & Parker’s latest capsule – entitled ‘Conscious Cashmere’ – aims to raise awareness of the importance of choosing well-made clothing that will last. The capsule comprises four statement sweaters, each made using 97% recycled cashmere and the sweaters are all designed and made in London. As with everything they produce, Chinti & Parker hope that these pieces are cherished for a very long time to come.

Responsibly Sourced Cashmere

Chinti & Parker are a member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), a global multi-stake holder initiative with a mission to ensure the long term viability of the cashmere sector.

Their cashmere comes from the Capra hircus goat in Mongolia in Northern China where their suppliers have excellent relationships with the goat herders who breed the animals. These goats have a fleece which consists of two layers; the top one is coarse and wiry, and the other is a super-soft undercoat, otherwise known as cashmere. Cashmere creates an insulating layer to help the goats survive extreme weather conditions, through harsh cold winters and torrid heat waves.

Once every spring, when the climate is milder and the goats naturally shed their coats, the goat herders harvest the delicate under-fleece by gently combing the goat, without causing any harm to the animal.


Transparent Low-Waste Manufacturing

The collection features four statement sweaters, each made using 97% recycled cashmere. The other 3% is wool that allows the yarn to be spun effectively. On average, recycled cashmere uses 98% less water, 80% less electricity, 50% less chemicals, and creates 90% less CO2 emissions compared with non-recycled yarns.

The entire collection is crafted in London, in a factory not far from our headquarters. This maintains a lower carbon footprint and supports garment production here in the UK. Another thoughtful – and zero-waste – consideration: the swing tags on each garment are made using seeded paper that, once planted, will grow into wildflowers.