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Organic Coffee With Reishi Mushroom



A uniquely potent infusion of extracted reishi mushroom with 100% organic arabica beans sourced from Peru. The beans are craft-roasted in Denmark to pair beautifully with Reishi’s characteristic umami taste. The coffee is also specifically chosen for lower acidity removing many negative effects of coffee whilst maintaining a true coffee taste. Size is 227g.


hand made

Hand Made

natural ingredients

Natural Ingredients

organic materials


sustainable forestry

Sustainable Forestry

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The Ingredients You Will Find in This Product.

This powerful extract of Reishi helps to sustain the caffeine-boost for longer, giving you lasting high without the crash! 98% organic arabica coffee & 2% organic Ganoderma lucidum extract.

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Created by Tom & Zoe in 2014, Wunder Workshop is inspired by Ayurveda and the "Science of Life".

Wunder Workshop reve en vert

Wunder Workshop source ingredients directly from family and community farms from the heart of Sri Lanka.

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