Well Kept

Razor Wrap in Stone



Protect your razor (and your fingers) while traveling by stowing all your shaving essentials in the Well Kept stone razor wrap, designed pockets to store your safety razor, spare blades, and a blade bank. This wrap was hand-sewn in Vancouver, BC. Wrap is made from durable, water-resistant waxed-cotton. Pop all your shaving essentials into the pockets, roll it closed, tie it tightly, then store it in your bag. Size is 14cm x 8cm.

Please note this item ships from the maker in Canada! 


locally sourced

Locally Made

plastic free

Plastic free

zero waste

Zero Waste



Razors With A Positive, Sustainable Impact

Natalie and Emilie, co-founders of well kept, had a desire for a product that they just couldn’t find – but has evolved to mean so much more. In their search for a more sustainable and enjoyable shaving experience, they discovered many other facets of wellbeing that weren’t just bad for your skin, but harmful for the earth, too.


That’s why they made their sustainable brass safety razor and carefully curated a selection of goods that they believe make your self-care routine more intentional for both your body and mind. Every day they’re learning more about sustainability, equality, and inclusion, and both with the connections they hold in the well kept community, and the actions they take as a brand, they hope to leave only a positive impact on the world.

Long Wearing Metals

On average, one person may dispose of over 96 razors in their lifetime. On a global scale, that’s billions of plastic razors being sent to landfill every single year.

When cared for properly, the brass safety razor will last a lifetime. It works with plastic-free, stainless steel razor blades that can be recycled through Well Kept’s blade bank program. All their packaging is recyclable or compostable, too.


Ethical Intentions

Well Kept believe deeply in providing fair wages, good working environments, and offering our employees flexibility and compassion in that challenging space where life and work meet.

They partner with organizations like the Stewardship Program that provides free meals to children who experience food insecurity in Mexico, with the production of our agave cloths and soap savers.

They also never test their products on animals and they know exactly where each product comes from and who made, packaged, and shipped it.


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