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Recycled Leggings in Bone



These extremely flattering leggings are perfect for both styling and lounging. A high waisted legging and trouser hybrid, seamed with a split-hem and invisible zipper closure. Dress these up or down.

Fabric: 74% Recycled Polyester, 21% Viscose, 5% Spandex.

Fit Note: Model wearing size XS: height 5’8 and waist 24”.

Please note this item ships from the maker in the United States!


organic materials


plastic free

Plastic free

recycled upcycled materials

Upcycled / Recycled





Founded By An Expert In Sustainability And Ethical Styling

“Born out of necessity, sustainability is and will continue to be core to the products we create. As a society, we’re just now discovering the depths of what sustainability means and are gathering the tools in search of solutions. Our approach is holistic and ever-evolving to meet the needs of providing honest transparency within the apparel market.”


Cassandra Dittmer, Co-Founder of CD Studio

Organic and Recycled Materials

CD Studio use GOTS certified cotton, recycled polyester, and they have created their product line with repeat fabrications to reduce the developing excess fabrications.

They prioritize using natural and deadstock materials because they know that utilizing fabric already in existence from local resources is the conscious way. This method helps them to cut our carbon footprint by eliminating global shipping and packaging

By 2025, CD Studio have laid out our goals to fully establish our sustainability infrastructure in order to measure our carbon footprint . At this time their goal is to use 100% sustainable materials that are organic, recycled, or circular, and produce with solely eco-friendly dyeing techniques. Additionally, they plan to collaborate and partner with artisans and designers from around the world who create one-of-a-kind goods and spotlight their craft. They will do so by creating a platform to showcase their work so that their talent can reach more audience


Transparent Manufacturing

They performed their own inspection and audit processes to ensure alignment with our values and environmental concerns as a brand. They are proud that every human working on the brand is paid a fair and living wage.

CD Studio don’t create things we don’t need. This is why they use 3D sampling technology to create a truly a zero-waste solution in our design process. They work with avatars and laser cutting machines, allowing us to iterate and visualize designs without the need for any physical materials completely, all while minimizing fabric consumption.

For core collections, they are pre-ordering our fabrics from a local supplier in Los Angeles that doesn’t require minimums so they are able to make-to-measure orders to eliminate waste.


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