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Rose Glow Serum



This silky smooth face serum creates a radiant, dewy glow that restores, adores and harmonizes every face adorned by its grace. The floral glory of Rose Otto in Living Libations Rose Glow Serum possesses an exceptional affinity for wise skin and skin requiring gentle care. Soften the skin into rose-woven silk with this pure rose-filled elixir that blesses with a dewy, fresh face and a sweetened disposition. Righteous for wrinkles! Royal for pallid complexions! Excellent for evening out skin tone! A few drops in the morning and a few drops at night alight the skin with pure, fresh, feather-light moisture. Size is 30ml.


hand made

Hand Made

non toxic materials


organic materials


plant based materials

Plant based



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This is truly organic beauty.

Inspired to encourage people to re-think the conventional notions of beauty and wellness, Nadine Artemis crafts her healing formulations from rare botanicals that work wonders to heal and nourish the skin, hair and body. These products are designed to treat the skin without the addition of synthetic ingredients, and are all reef safe, animal friendly, gluten-free, organic and wildcrafted, fair-trade, and GMO-free.

The wonderful organic ingredients in this product.

Jojoba, Seabuckthorn, rose otto, geranium, immortelle, neroli, lavender, stone root, palmarosa.

Essentials by Zoe LVH natural grief balm rose

A word from Living Libations' customers.

“It helps control the appearance of my rosacea 100% while restoring balance to my skin and hydrating it. It works great on small pimples, it does not clog your pores, treats scars and evens out the skin.”

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