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S.P.Q.R. no. 10, the Silver Leo Necklace with T-Bar



Light and easy Ecosilver and sterling silver necklace on a thin trace chain, locked with a t-bar. The lion figurehead is a unique symbol of strength. T Bar detailing allows you to have a clasp that is as beautiful as it is secure.


*Please note this item is hand made to order for you with delivery in three weeks. 


hand made

Hand Made

locally sourced

Locally Made

plastic free

Plastic free

recycled upcycled materials

Upcycled / Recycled

zero waste

Zero Waste

Handcrafted & Made To Order

YU STEPANEL pieces are about wearability and embracing imperfections. Believing that trends pass, but style endures, ‘I want you wear the YU STEPANEL pieces five, fifteen years from now’ says founder and creator, Yuliya. All pieces are crafted locally and mostly in-house from recycled and repurposed materials. By operating a made to order system, YU STEPANEL are reducing waste throughout production by only making what is required.

Recycled & repurposed materials.

Recycled sterling silver (Ecosilver) and recycled gold is used whenever and wherever possible. The artisan method of production means the possibility of recycling waste metal as much as possible, employing ethical workshop practices using as little chemicals as possible, lower energy usage and responsible water use practices (recycled/renewable water and energy sources, like solar panels in workshop are part of the brand’s roadmap).

A message from founder, Yuliya

I started YU STEPANEL to create heirlooms, things that can be enjoyed for a long time because they are made only with fine materials, completely by hand which offers that touch of individuality to each single piece. YU STEPANEL jewellery is, thus, for those, who takes pleasure in nuances, small details, warm pleasant materials that come from nature, and that wear on your skin well. They are for those who like doing things properly, and so expect this level of quality in things they buy, things they wear, too.

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