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Siesta Jute Sandals in Black



The Siesta sandals are a beautifully detailed criss cross style with a supportive heel. Like all Of Origin shoes, they are 100% handmade in Spain from jute rope sandal with a natural crepe rubber sole. They are also totally natural & biodegradable at the end of life. This is an easy slip on style and we suggest going up to to the next full size if you are normally a half size, but see below more details on how best to measure your foot!


hand made

Hand Made

locally sourced

Locally Made

natural dyes

Natural Dyes

natural fibres

Natural Fibres

zero waste

Zero Waste

Of Origin sustainable natural jute sandals

These sandals are They are natural & biodegradable at the end of their life.

Of Origin sustainable natural jute sandals

Of Origin's sandals are handmade in Spain from jute material.

The Story Behind

Of Origin was created by the late Camilla Skovgaard – she was globally famed high-end shoe designed and after a break realised her personal ethos had changed and passion became to go back to the basics, to the beginnings (hence the name Of Origin) to offer more grounded, timeless and sustainable fashion. Most designs are made with just two fibres – jute and linen. No hardware, no chemical processes and most of all, timeless elegance that combines within, after use the materials can be composted if one wishes. Shoes are unisex and also for kids. jute sole with natural rubber crepe base. Lovingly handmade in Spain stitch by stitch with waxed jute string.

Find Your Perfect Size


Of Origin sustainable natural jute sandals

How To Measure Your Feet

Take size measurement closest to your naked foot length. Measurements are for the actual foot length, not the sole length. The best way to ensure the perfect fit is to measure your feet first. You can do so by placing a piece of paper on the ground and tracing around your foot with a pencil. Sit on a chair for this with your feet firmly on the ground. Measure the outline from the back/central part of the heel to the end of the longest toe. The centimetre size of the length of the foot is your correct shoe size. 



How To Care For Your Jute Sandals

The jute shoes can be spot cleaned with a lightly dampened cloth. Use gentle circular motion. Avoid wetting them too much as they take time to dry. A  loose fiber can easily be trimmed off to keep the shoes looking neat.

Of Origin sustainable natural jute sandals