Smokeless Ritual Incense in Calm



Calm your mind, body & spirit with the soothing herbal notes of lavender, clary sage & rosewood. Use to create a sense of inner quiet. Perfect before sleep. Perfect before & after travel. With a gentle fragrance & a smokeless burn, Bodha incense are made in Japan using traditional methods from the finest organic woods & essential oils. Each box contains 60 x 20 minute sticks for a total burn time of 20 hrs. Made in Japan. Learn more below!




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Natural Materials

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Bodha natural therapeutic scent

Bodha is creating a new world of therapeutic perfumery for you and your home

Bodha natural therapeutic scent

Founders, Emily and Fred L'Ami

A New World of Therapeutic Scent

Bodha is creating a new world of therapeutic perfumery for you and your home. Founded in 2015 by Emily and Fred L’Ami, Bodha is the expression of their lifelong fascination with ritual and scent. Together they research, design and develop each Bodha piece from raw materials through to packaging in their Los Angeles studio. The collection is made using the finest natural ingredients by artisans in Los Angeles, New Zealand and Japan.

How To Enjoy The Ancient Ritual Of Incense

Place in an incense holder, light tip, blow out flame and enjoy. The ancient ritual of incense can help to set intention, create space, and bring you back to yourself.

Bodha natural incense