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SAYA Designs

The Soka Bud in Recycled Rosewood


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Hand carved from sustainably sourced root wood left from plantations in Indonesia, no piece is ever the same, they are unique from their shape to the grains in the wood. The Soka Bud has a long and slender shape with a floral and feminine feel. The design is inspired from the budding flowers of the Soka, known in the tropical climates as ‘West Indian Jasmine’.


1 Hairstick | 1 Tree | 50 Lbs CO2 Savings Per Year | Enough Oxygen Generated for 2 Humans Per Year

RECYCLE | Sourcing Root Wood Salvaged from Harvested Plantations

REPURPOSE | Contemporary Design meets Traditional Craft
- Durable, small, functional & unique hairpins created to last
- Alternative to plastic and elastic
- Carved by hand by Balinese artisans, sanded down to the finest grain using simple tools and techniques, and finished with natural wax and oils
- SAYA pay their artisans over the recommended living wage in Bali and give them flexible schedules

REPLENISH | Planting Endangered and Endemic Tree Species into Protected Forests in Indonesia
- Each hairpin gives back to the environment it came from, as up to ten endangered tree species are planted in its place in rainforests across Indonesia

Details + Care

- Wood - renewable & eco-friendly material if it is consciously sourced
- Recycled Tamarind Root: Tamarind is a soft wood with a very light color, red and purple grains sometimes criss-cross its centre
- Recycled Teak Root: the heartwood of Teak (the centre of the tree) is a brownish red color, its sapwood (the outer part) is a pale yellowish brown. It is valued for its durability
- Recycled Rosewood Root: one of the most popular agroforestry plants in Indonesia. Since 1998 the IUCN World Conservation Agency have labeled it a vulnerable species
- Recycled packaging with a protective fabric sleeve
- Keep out of water
- Avoid using in wet hair
- Keep safe in the fabric wallet when on the move
- Avoid heavy sideways pressure as much as possible
- Try not to drop on hard surfaces, they are handmade and desire loving care!

Size & Fit

Dimensions | Length x 20cm | Width x 3cm | Depth x 1cm
- Healthier alternative to plastic and elastics
- Easy to use, help to reduce breakage and damage to healthy hair
- The Soka Bud hair stick best suits long and thick hair
- It’s long and curved shape allows it to wrap and support allot of hair in one short swoop!