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Syros Organic Dress in Milk



The organic cotton Syros dress has been hand-made in India and falls to the floor with sweeping tiered hem and ultra low back. The floaty ‘Syros’ has been dyed by hand in a creamy white. Bohemian and luxurious, the Syros will take you effortlessly from the beach into the evening year after year. It’s made to be one size to fit all – if you want it to be tighter, we recommend a belt or sash.


artisanal production


charitable giveback

Charitable Giveback

natural dyes

Natural Dyes

natural fibres

Natural Fibres

organic materials


Organic and ethical production.

A Perfect Nomad’s collections are ethically made by working with communities of artisans who hand make each garment. All materials are are sourced and manufactured through a carefully selected and transparent network of suppliers. Using only natural fibres, A Perfect Nomad eliminate the use of synthetic materials in their collections which are kinder to your skin and the planet.

A Perfect Nomad's collections are ethically handmade by artisans.

A Perfect Nomad sustainable natural summer fashion Grace dress is white ivory cream

They choose to use natural materials and avoid plastic, synthetic fabrics.

Giving back and making an impact.

A Perfect Nomad believe they have a responsibility to give back to their community, focusing their charitable efforts on women’s advancement. They partner with The Women’s Empowerment Charity to help improve the lives of women and their families in rural areas of India by helping to fund the development of learning centres in economically disadvantaged communities.

A perfect nomad charity

A Perfect Nomad’s first school has just opened in a rural community in Alwar.

A perfect nomad charity

A Perfect Nomad help to fund the development of learning centres in economically disadvantaged communities.