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Frank's Remedies



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A great clean out can do your skin the world of good, which is why this face mask has had such rave reviews. Created with Amazonian white clay and Moroccan Lava clay to decongest blocked pores and leave cheeks feeling fresher, smoother, radiant and mattified.


The founder of Frank’s Remedies Kyle Frank, suffered from acne himself before setting out to find a solution. Having tried nearly everything on the market, he believed he could create a winning formula that could transform his skin, and also his life. He sourced raw, natural and organic ingredients from all around the world to make a natural remedy for acne, and he is living proof of how well the products work. Kyle’s also set up a charitable initiatives called The Glow Project, which aims to help 11-15 year olds struggling with mental health and body image. During Kyle’s experience with acne he found that his skin affected so much about how he interacted with others, and so his aim now is to work with Secondary Schools to instil PMA (positive mental attitudes) while educating them about diet, food and skincare.

Ingredients and details


Kaolin, Rhassoul Clay, Activated Charcoal Powder, Turmeric (Ground) Powder, Salicylic acid, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Powder

How to use

Apply to just cleansed skin, or straight after the Face Gel, using circular motions to help promote blood circulation. Use as part of your day and night skincare regime.