White & Taupe Jacaranda Wood Bowl



This bowl combines striking design with beautiful craftsmanship. Using wood from the local jacaranda tree in Butare, Rwanda, these unique bowls are hand-carved and finished off with rows of taupe & white coloured sweetgrass woven along the rim. The women of the Abaharaniramajyambere (try saying that out loud!) co-operative continuously strive for perfection using both indigenous and learned art forms. Each bowl is one of a kind and showcases the time, talent and skill that went into it’s creation.


artisanal production


hand made

Hand Made

natural materials

Natural Materials

zero waste

Zero Waste

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The Story Behind QÄSA QÄSA

QÄSA QÄSA is a team of two women who bring ethical homewares and gifts to life with sustainable living. All items are hand-crafted in East Africa using local and indigenous materials and take into account sustainability and conscious production. Each piece empowers artisans and comes with its own special story.

qasa qasa sustainable ethical handmade homeware

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