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Re-Design Your Hair With S A Y A

Re-Design Your Hair With Saya

An Interview With Victoria Jones

From coconut oil to sea salt sprays...most of us are no strangers to complex haircare routines. Yet, when it comes to styling, why is it that we still opt for tight elastics and scratchy metal forks?

Thanks to SAYA Designs, we no longer have to rely on these merciless tools to keep our strands in place. Their hand-crafted hair sticks will do the job just as well. They’re also way more attractive and way better for the planet. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this revolutionary label from founder Victoria Jones…




What made you decide on hair grips as your sustainable product? What was your motivation in conscious design? 


My design aspect was shaped around my research. After searching high and low for a sustainable wood source, I came across a group of woodcarvers who where collecting root wood left behind from third growth plantations in Java, Indonesia and being left to burn. Bringing them back to Bali for work, they then told me as a small family business they created two tons of waste off-cuts per month. This is where I stepped in and offered to purchase their waste and in doing so, I had to design a product that was small, function and unique! Small – to make use of the offcuts, functional so it had a purpose and unique so I can stand out!


What type of wood do you use and how is it sourced?


So as I just mentioned, we use secondary waste. The roots and trunk of the trees are called ‘Akar’ and ‘Tunggak’ in Indonesian and these are essentially a bi-product of the timber industry. The grain is totally different to timber and they are not in commercial demand as you cannot easily use them. Particular areas surrounding the plantations are controlled by local security who check the licenses of people wanting to purchase these pieces. They have to be locally certified areas which are often whats known as SVLK or LEI regulation. We use the offcuts of three types of species Teak, Tamarind and Rosewood.

Who makes the Saya product and where is it produced?


The designs are all inspired by the local flora and fauna in Indonesia. I drew them all based on the natural curves and shapes in the wild and named them after each plant. I then give the designs to my chief woodcarver Yudi who by using our original samples, cuts the wood to size and starts the process of carving them into shape. When I last went to visit early this November, he has multiple family members on board helping with different stages of the process including his wife and eldest daughter of 21 who were in charge of polishing. They are all produced in a small family workshop in Ubud, Bali.





Most hair grips are coated in plastic. Aside from being awful from an environmental point of view, does wearing plastic in our hair everyday cause any damage we might be unaware of? And does wood have any particular benefits for the hair/scalp?


Elastic hair ties especially can break and therefore cause damage to your hair. Wood, on the other hand, holds the natural oils in your hair, making Saya a much healthier alternative. My hair is long and quite thick, in all honesty after using a hair tick for over 3 years or more, my hair has never felt in better condition. I think thats why I feel so confident talking about S A Y A from every aspect.


What is your favourite way to style your hair with one of your grips?


I have seen many beautiful variations of many women wearing them in their own way. However, my favourite is the most simple and easy, which is a high bun or a french twist. I wear my hair like this on a daily basis and it’s just become second nature to loop it on the top of my head without even thinking!

Soka Bud


Can anyone use a Saya grip? 


We have created at least one or more designs for almost all hair types. If your hair is past your shoulders, we will have something for you! Mini Pandans and Mini Palms for example are for those with shorter or finer hairstyles. Finer hair types are fine, you just need to find the right hairstyle to suit it to create some friction and then you will be away!

You draw a lot of your design inspiration from artists. Who is your favourite artist and why?


Georgia Okeffe I would have to say is my favourite artist. I love the colour palette of her desert series – the pink lighting and her barren landscapes. I especially love her drawings and paintings of bones and the softness in her style.


Finally, what does sustainability mean to you?


To me, it means thinking about the impact our daily actions have. Being self aware, social and environmentally conscious are great but essentially we need to stand up to our moral responsibility which we all feel deep down. As we move forward it will become easier for us to be more and more sustainable, with more  innovation and alternatives. For now, I just admire all those who are doing their best and really care.

'Desert Abstraction' by Georgia O Keeffe

"We need to buy less and buy better if we can. Everything we buy has a story to tell and its up to us what they are."